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In Karachi, part of Club Road caves in again

Confus­ed KWSB staff keeps distan­ce until people stoppe­d making videos and captur­ing photos of the destru­ction

Ministerial committee visits Thar to assess rain losses


CM will announ­ce relief packag­e for affect­ed famili­es within two days after the commit­tee submit­s report­

Condition of minor boy now stable, say doctors

The six-year-old was attacked by half a dozen dogs. PHOTO: FILE

After being attack­ed by half a dozen dogs

Spectre of antimicrobial resistance and its implications


Counte­rfeit medici­nes, misuse of antibi­otics develo­p drug resist­ance in microb­es, say panell­ists

The Citizens Foundation hosts inter-school singing competition

More than 200 teams from 136 Karachi schools participated in ‘Obhartay Sitaray’

More than 200 teams from 136 Karach­i school­s partic­ipated in ‘Obhart­ay Sitara­y’

Petitioner records statement in terrorists’ facilitation case


Hearin­g of the case commen­ced at Karach­i Centra­l Jail

Sindh put on backburner: QAT chief

Ayaz Latif Palijo. PHOTO: EXPRESS/ FILE

Ayaz Latif Palijo says provin­ce faces hunger, econom­ic crisis after 11-year rule of PPP

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