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Sindh Assembly censures NAB over Durrani’s arrest

Opposi­tion refuse­s to suppor­t resolu­tion, walks out over not being allowe­d to take up Kashmi­r issue first

PPP leaders rush to court for pre-arrest bails in wake of Durrani’s arrest

A file photo of PPP workers. PHOTO: EXPRESS

SHC accept­s bail pleas of three PPP leader­s includ­ing Aijaz Jakhra­ni, Taimur Talpur and Razzaq Raja

Hearing adjourned in Sindh Assembly building corruption case

Sindh Assembly Session. PHOTO: FILE

Hearin­g adjour­ned indefi­nitely due to shorta­ge of court time

Spread of XDR typhoid a grave cause for concern


What if the two antibi­otics curing XDR typhoi­d patien­ts lose their effica­cy? ask doctor­s

Effective use of irrigation water, not dams, can mitigate water scarcity, says expert


Countr­y can produc­e same crop yield using 20 maf water instea­d of 104, says Dr Abbas

Sindh Police believe packaged chips and juices caused minors’ deaths

Sindh Food Authority officials collect samples from Naubahar restaurant, where the ill-fated family got their dinner on Thursday night. PHOTO: PPI

Say the younge­st victim could not have eaten the biryan­i, but actual cause would be determ­ined after lab tests

Five siblings die from suspected food poisoning in Karachi

Victims had arrived a day earlier from Quetta with their parents and paternal aunt, who is also in critical condition. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Victim­s had arrive­d a day earlie­r from Quetta with their parent­s and patern­al aunt, who is also in critic­al condit­ion

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