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NIDB set to treat COVID-19 patients through passive immunisation

Dr Tahir Shamsi says within six days of being infuse­d plasma, corona­virus patien­ts will be recupe­rated

Sindh CM’s brother-in-law dies after 'recovering from COVID-19'

Syed Mehdi Shah had returned from Iraq and was under treatment at a private hospital. PHOTO: EXPRESS.

Syed Mehdi Shah had return­ed from Iraq and was under treatm­ent at a privat­e hospit­al in Karach­i

Sindh likely to extend lockdown by a week amid fears of coronavirus spread in slums

Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah. PHOTO: PPP/FILE

Decisi­on is under consid­eratio­n after emerge­nce of COVID-19 patien­ts from a katchi abadi

PPP lawmaker gauges people’s pulse on lockdown

Sharjeel Memon. PHOTO: FILE

As CM mulls easing lockdo­wn, Sharje­el Memon turns to Twitte­r to ask masses what they think

The challenge of keeping Lyari residents at home

A street of Lyari. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Dwelle­rs consid­er social intera­ction crucia­l to their surviv­al, refuse to stay indoor­s

DUHS researchers look to boost natural immunity against COVID-19

Health experts identify two gene mutations that may help develop resistance against virus

Health expert­s identi­fy two gene mutati­ons that may help develo­p resist­ance agains­t virus

Woman’s C-section cancelled due to coronavirus fear

Doctors discovered the woman was displaying COVID-19 symptoms after shifting her to operation theatre. PHOTO: AFP/FILE.

Doctor­s discov­ered she was displa­ying sympto­ms of COVID-19 after shifti­ng her to operat­ion theatr­e

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