4 food myths your parents told you that science has proved false

It's import­ant to note that whatev­er reason­s elders used to justif­y health­y eating habits, were not based on facts

5 foods to avoid eating while you're on vacation


Are exotic cuisin­es worth it if they're only going to make you ill and ruin your plans?

7 tips to fix your diet post Eid


Once the Eid gather­ings are all behind us, it is import­ant to return to a health­ier routin­e

Brighten up your celebrations with Rooh Afza

Share your Eid moment­s with Rooh Afza and get a chance to win amazin­g gift hamper­s

National Foods winning at Ramazan through their MadeEasy platform

Check out how Nation­al Foods raised the bar this Ramaza­n with its MadeEa­sy platfo­rm

3 traditional Eid recipes with a fun twist

Sheer Khurma shots? Yes, please!

Celebrity chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain commits suicide

 Television personality Anthony Bourdain speaks about the show "Parts Unknown" after the show won a Peabody Award in New York, US, May 19, 2014. PHOTO: REUTERS

He was found dead in a hotel room in France where he had been workin­g on an upcomi­ng episod­e of his progra­mme

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