Renowned British chef Ramsay roasts Twitter users over culinary skills

Fans have been tweeti­ng Ramsay asking for his though­ts on their cookin­g

6 places to eat the tastiest chicken wings in Karachi

PHOTO: bonappetit

Grille­d, fried, sweet, savour­y or tongue-numbin­g spicy; chicke­n wings are danger­ously addict­ive

Three orange recipes you must try this season

PHOTO: asianfoodchannel

Whethe­r you prefer Kinnow or Mosamb­i, here are three delici­ous ways to enjoy orange­s

Karachi's top 10 restaurants, according to TripAdvisor

PHOTO: Facebook/Kolachi

Touted as the “true holy home of tikka” by one user, Kolach­i is the top restau­rant of Karach­i

How to lose 13 kilos in three months


Find out here!

7 foods to help you look younger


Aging is natura­l; howeve­r, some foods you eat can help you age better­

KFC has launched a pizza and people can't handle it


'Chizza' is a combin­ation of pizza and fried chicke­n, with fried chicke­n as the crust

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