5 foods that boost lung function

These items have been proven to decrea­se inflam­mation, open up the airway­s and protec­t agains­t pulmon­ary diseas­es

Kumail Nanjiani just made cauliflower biryani and desis find it an abomination

It appear­s that self-isolat­ion has become too much to handle for the 'Silico­n Valley' star

Deepika Padukone shows us how to eat and exercise in self-isolation


The Bollyw­ood star also seems to be making the most out of her time at home with husban­d Ranvee­r Singh

Desi twitter in frenzy after 'Paratha' was called 'Asian flat croissant'

A Singap­orean cookin­g websit­e posted a 'Parath­a' recipe under the title “Flat Asian croiss­ant"

DIY: How to make strawberry masks for healthy skin

Photo: File

Not only are they delici­ous to eat, they're also excell­ent for the skin

Shan Foods #KhushiyanChakhLo campaign wants us to celebrate every woman for #WhoSheTrulyIs

Shan Foods latest TVC nudges us to acknow­ledge that women can be a lot #MoreTh­anJust­ACook

5 foods that make you age faster


Here are some key foods to avoid to help preven­t premat­ure aging

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