WATCH: US envoy indulges in Karachi's Burns Road delicacies

Ambassador Blome samples a variety of iconic dishes at famed food street

News Desk June 08, 2024
US Ambassador Donald Blome at Karachi's Burns Road. SCREENGRAB

United States Ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blome, recently paid a visit to Karachi’s famed food street, Burns Road, indulging in its rich culinary offerings.

“Mazaydar hai!” exclaimed Ambassador Blome as he sampled a variety of iconic dishes including nihari, grilled chicken boti, rabri, special falooda, and a strong cup of tea. His visit was documented in a video, part of the US Consulate's food diplomacy initiative.

"So far, the best meal I’ve had in Pakistan, honestly," Ambassador Blome remarked. "I’ve made a decision. Alright. This. I didn’t know about this before. But I’ve decided to move to Karachi. Yeah. I am coming down here. And I am going to stay."

Vendors and diners were delighted to see him interacting with the crowd. He engaged in warm conversations, praising the city’s delectable cuisine. Blome's presence generated excitement, with many people eagerly queuing to meet him and exchange greetings.

This visit not only showcased the vibrant food culture of Karachi but also highlighted the potential of food diplomacy in fostering mutual respect and understanding between different cultures.

Burns Road has long been a gastronomic and cultural landmark in Karachi. It is home to some of the city's oldest and most beloved food establishments, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

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The visit highlighted not just the flavours of Karachi but also the rich history and vibrant atmosphere of Burns Road. His enthusiastic participation in the street's bustling food scene demonstrated the power of culinary experiences in bridging cultural divides.

Blome's visit to Burns Road is a testament to the potential of food diplomacy in fostering mutual respect and understanding. By sharing a meal, he connected with the community on a personal level, showcasing the unifying power of food.

This visit not only celebrated Karachi's culinary heritage but also highlighted the potential for cultural exchange and diplomacy through shared culinary experiences.

As Ambassador Blome departed, he expressed his eagerness to return and explore more of the legendary street's culinary delights.


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