Pakistan's Siri Paye makes it to most delicious stews in the world

'Indian' dish Keema came at six with Korma and Dal claiming spots 22 and 50 respectively on TasteAtlas list

Entertainment Desk April 26, 2024

In a culinary triumph, Siri Paya, the aromatic and hearty Pakistani delicacy, has clinched the 47th spot in TasteAtlas' esteemed 2024 ranking of the world's best stews. The esteemed food guide took to its social media handles with 50 best contenders for the category as per April.

Siri Paya, a beloved dish cherished by connoisseurs of Pakistani cuisine, is a tantalising stew crafted from tender lamb or goat trotters simmered to perfection in a harmonious blend of spices, herbs, and aromatics. The dish's name, ‘Siri Paya’, translates to ‘head and feet’, paying homage to its principal ingredients – the flavourful gelatinous meat from the head and the nourishing marrow-rich trotters. Slow-cooked to coax out the essence of each ingredient, the delicious stew embodies the essence of comfort food, with its velvety texture and soul-warming flavours captivating palates far and wide.


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TasteAtlas recognised Siri Paya as a Pakistani dish, amidst other familiar names from the South Asian cuisine that appeared next to India’s flag on the ranking by countries. 'Indian' cuisine's Keema came at six with Korma and Dal claiming spots 22 and 50 respectively. Shahi Paneer and Vindaloo also made it to the list.

Founded in 2018, TasteAtlas has emerged as the go-to authority for experiential travel enthusiasts seeking to explore traditional cuisines from around the globe. With its meticulous curation of authentic recipes, food critic reviews and in-depth research articles, TasteAtlas spotlights dishes that encapsulate the essence of cultural heritage and culinary innovation.

Welcoming the new year, the Croatia-based food publication unveiled a list of 100 must-visit eateries for all flavour enthusiasts. Among the myriad dining spots featured from around the globe, one name pleased many Pakistanis, particularly Karachiites: Zahid Nihari.

Celebrated as one of Karachi’s culinary treasures, Zahid Nihari has earned global acclaim and seized the impressive rank of #89 on “Where to Eat in 2024: 100 Most Legendary Restaurants in the World”. With recommendations from 7 esteemed food critics, including Salima Feerasta, Zahid Nihari's traditional Lucknow-born stew continues to captivate palates since it was founded in 1974, upholding its status as a global epicurean delight.

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