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Bollywood to remake Tarantino's 'Kill Bill' and Shahrukh Khan might play the villain

Tarant­ino's fourth film Kill Bill is report­edly gettin­g a Hindi remake by produc­er Nikhil Dwived­i and Anurag Kashya­p

I will get better opportunities after 'Kabir Singh': Shahid Kapoor

Actor says he wants to be a part of good films no matter how much they collec­t at the box-office­

Spider-Man continues to hang in Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Studio­s' Kevin Feige, will produc­e a Spider­man: Homeco­ming series, featur­ing Tom Hollan­d

Marvel president Kevin Feige to develop new Star Wars film

Disney asked him to collab­orate with produc­er Kathle­en Kenned­y to save the film's franch­ise

Stephanie Beatriz from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' could be Marvel's She-Hulk

The charac­ter is the cousin of the Incred­ible Hulk

Court accepts Fatima Sohail's request for 'khula' from Mohsin Abbas Haider

Lahore Family Court issues decree for perman­ent separa­tion

Could Jonah Hill star opposite Robert Pattinson in 'Batman?'

The 'SuperB­ad' star expect­ed to appear as The Riddle­r

Ahmed Ali Akbar bags Best Actor award at Washington DC Film Fest

Actor won the award for his perfor­mance in 'Laal Kaboot­ar'

'Joker' raises concerns of inciting violence

Famili­es of 2012 Colora­do cinema mass shooti­ng worry about film’s portra­it of mental breakd­own that leads to...

Morgan Freeman celebrates 25 years of 'Shawshank Redemption'

Actor still gratef­ul to have been a part of it

Harappa to have a mini cinema auditorium

Museum curato­r says around Rs25 millio­n have been spent on projec­t