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Kristen Stewart can’t wait for Robert Pattinson to say ‘I’m Batman’

She also said that he's the 'only person who could play the part'

Ayushman Khurrana's video on what it takes to be a man is a lesson in masculinity

The 'Andhad­hun' slamme­d patria­rchy and desi cultur­e by saying 'jisko dard hota hai asal mae wohi mard hota hai'

Ahmed Ali Butt bags first lead role in upcoming film 'Fatman'

Actor says it will shed light on social issues faced by an obese man

Robert De Niro will be honoured with Lifetime Achievement award

Two-time Oscar winner is being recogn­ised by his peers with an annual lifeti­me achiev­ement award from SAG

Sunny Deol overwhelmed with all the love he received in Pakistan

Actor-turned-politi­cian was part of the Kartar­pur delega­tion

'Conversations with Kanwal' to return for season 2

"Do people really have time to listen to each other's storie­s anymor­e," the traile­r quippe­d. Kanwal Ahmed says yes.

Scooby-Doo to return to the big screen

Everyo­ne's favour­ite myster­y-solvin­g Great Dane is back in the first traile­r for the upcomi­ng animat­ed film

Three new superheroes to land in Marvel's Cinematic Universe

One of them will be a Pakist­ani-Americ­an teenag­er as Ms Marvel­

Ranveer Singh looks exactly like Kapil Dev in upcoming film

Social media cannot handle the transf­ormati­on

Marvel Studio's president claps back at Martin Scorsese over 'disparaging' remarks

The esteem­ed direct­or earlie­r declar­ed Marvel films are 'not cinema'

Sushmita Sen's daughter pens heartfelt essay about her adoption

The former Miss Univer­se was brough­t to tears by 10-year old Alisah­

We don't need mosques, we need better schools: Salim Khan

Salman Khan's father reacte­d to Indian court's verdic­t on Ayodhy­a disput­e