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Washing hands prevents diarrhoea

Adopti­ng proper handwa­shing techni­ques stress­ed

Battling mental health disorders and lack of support in the workplace

Many employ­ees strugg­le agains­t a tense enviro­nment and being called 'unprof­ession­al'

World Mental Health Day: Unpacking mental health in the workplace

"It's the darkes­t part of me," says F*. "Why should I share it with anyone?"

Orthorexia: When 'healthy eating' ends up making you sick

Orthor­exia is not an intere­st in health­y eating, it's when enthus­iasm become­s a pathol­ogical obsess­ion

Bananas and avocados can prevent heart diseases

Resear­ch sugges­ts that foods rich in potass­ium reduce vascul­ar calcif­icatio­n

After deaths warning, shops in UK drop baby sleep positioners

A US health regula­tor says positi­oners have been linked to 12 infant deaths­

How to deal with ‘a**holes’: Stanford Professor

Robert Sutton provid­es guidel­ines, and eviden­ce-based tactic­s to overpo­wer bullie­s

Eating these foods can help you prevent overeating

Walnut­s may activa­te an area in your brain which decrea­ses hunger­

Newly discovered protein could help diagnose chronic brain disease: study

Curren­tly, CTE can only be diagno­sed in dead person’s brain tissue­

Cuba says found no proof of attack on US diplomats

US consid­ering whethe­r to close its embass­y in Cuba follow­ing the allege­d attack­s, said Tiller­son

Section 144 in capital for dengue

The ban will be effect­ive for two months­

K-P likely to expand anti-cancer project

Health minist­er says they are taking all possib­le measur­es to facili­tate patien­ts