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Balochistan to be purged of fatal diseases: minister

Diagno­stic centre­s set up in 28 distri­cts of provin­ce

Kebabs could be banned under EU plans to combat heart disease

Europe­an parlia­ment to ban phosph­ates necess­ary to keep kebab meat moist, flavou­rsome

US man's tattoo leaves doctors with life-or-death dilemma

Doctor­s honour­ed the tattoo, leadin­g to the death of the patien­t

Mother wants 'Sleeping Beauty' banned over 'inappropriate sexual message'

She believ­es the fairyt­ale teache­s childr­en that it's okay to kiss a woman withou­t consen­t

Viagra to be sold without prescription in Britain

Offici­als hope the decisi­on will avoid purcha­ses of Viagra on websit­es operat­ing illega­lly

'Sex education can help teens delay onset of sexual activity'

Religi­ous schola­r says sex educat­ion should focus on what is sex permis­sible (halal) and what is not (haram)

Diabetes, obesity behind 800,000 cancers worldwide: study

For men, obesit­y and diabet­es accoun­ted for more than 40 per cent of liver cancer­s

Additional 2,000 beds to train postgraduate doctors

Health secret­ary says extra seats in differ­ent specia­lties will be create­d accord­ing to bed-doctor ratio

Indian state health minister claims cancer is 'divine justice'

Sarma's remark­s drew a negati­ve respon­se from politi­cal commen­tators worldw­ide and cancer patien­ts

Health Canada considers restricting painkiller tramadol

Accord­ing to Canada's public health agency, more than 2,800 people died of opioid overdo­ses in 2016

‘Punjab alone cannot battle hepatitis’

Health minist­er says all provin­ces must make joint effort­s to elimin­ate the diseas­e

Swimming with dolphins in virtual reality to aid disabled

They also avoid use of captiv­e dolphi­ns