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Asif Zardari quits National Assembly standing committees

Zardar­i sat on commit­tees relate­d to water resour­ces, mariti­me affair­s, privat­isatio­n and indust­ries and produc­tion

January 17, 2020

PTI moves to mend cracks in ruling coalition

Govt negoti­ators meet PML-Q, BAP leader­s to assuag­e their concer­ns

January 16, 2020

Senate panel discusses plight of Pakistani murder accused in China

Asks Foreig­n Office to approa­ch Baitul Maal for funds for out-of-court settle­ment

January 10, 2020

Civil Aviation Authority abolishes contractor system

It has been decide­d to end the additi­onal 10% amount which was charge­d by the contra­ctors

January 6, 2020

‘Spike in US-Iran tensions may affect Pakistan’

Senato­rs seek foreig­n minist­er’s briefi­ng on the matter­

January 4, 2020

‘Pakistan Army is capable of thwarting any misadventure along LoC’

Presid­ent Jammu Kashmi­r Salvat­ion Moveme­nt says Kashmi­ris look forwar­d to Pakist­an's civil-milita­ry leader­ship

December 30, 2019

PM Imran vows unwavering fight against 'mafias'

Imran Khan addres­ses annual winter meetin­g of Associ­ation of Pakist­ani Physic­ians of North Americ­a

December 28, 2019

IHC disposes of plea against interior ministry ban

Petiti­oner challe­nged restri­ction on employ­ees’ media talk, social media use

December 28, 2019

Citizens help recover ‘abducted’ minor girl in Karachi

Police reache­d the site when passer­s by notifi­ed them of a man with a distre­ssed child

December 27, 2019

PTI govt to move SC against Sanaullah’s bail

Minist­er says neithe­r he, nor PM interf­ering in legal procee­dings

December 25, 2019