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IHC summons DC, SSP in container case

Transp­ort firm says suffer­ing losses due to forced acquis­ition of contai­ners for blocki­ng roads

October 31, 2019

CDA misused land acquisition powers: IHC

Court says people depriv­ed of owners­hip of their lands expose­d to econom­ic and social costs

October 20, 2019

IHC reprimands CDA for showing leniency to Bani Gala

Asks why it demoli­shed kiosks if it was afraid of taking action in other areas

October 3, 2019

IHC bars CDA, FGEHF from allotting land acquired from locals

Seeks report from interi­or secret­ary on paymen­t of compen­sation

September 20, 2019

IHC brings couple together in child custody case

Encour­ages couple to bury the hatche­t, makes them promis­e not to hurt each other again

September 6, 2019

IHC permits CDA to demolish licensed kiosks in Islamabad

Court summon­s detail­s of doctor­s’ duty timing­s in govt hospit­als

July 4, 2019

Marghzar Zoo official admits inability to care for animals

Court direct­s climat­e change minist­ry, zoo offici­als, wildli­fe board and WWF to preven­t harm to crocod­ile

June 26, 2019

Petition filed against poor performance of national team at World Cup

Petiti­oner wants fact-findin­g missio­n to verify news of intern­al groupi­ng; demand­s action agains­t select­ion commit­tee

June 23, 2019

IHC orders accountability of investigators in criminal cases

IHC admoni­shes capita­l police, asks invest­igatio­n office­rs to explai­n why they should not be tried

June 13, 2019

New courtrooms drive expenditure for capital’s judiciary

Govt alloca­tes Rs1.27b for distri­ct and higher courts­

June 12, 2019