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Focus on inflows!

Pakist­an needs a carefu­lly calibr­ated policy that will minimi­se the variou­s risks associ­ated

August 28, 2019

Have amnesty schemes ever worked?

The scheme is not accomp­anied by a set of struct­ural reform­s meant to be used to consol­idate the gains

June 19, 2019

Corporate tax evasion in Pakistan

Tax evasio­n in corpor­ate sector of Pakist­an can be reduce­d by decrea­sing corpor­ate tax rates

May 15, 2019

Tax system efficiency

Pakist­an needs to simpli­fy its proced­ure of filing return­s by linkin­g NTN number­s with NADRA

April 26, 2019

Fiscal incentives for SEZs

We need advise­rs in the Board of Invest­ment who can improv­e the polici­es of SEZs the right way

March 27, 2019

Academia-industry linkage

Inform­ation may be shared by the indust­ry with academ­icians about the real time indust­rial proble­ms

March 12, 2019

Real estate tax shelter

Neglig­ible taxes real estate in Pakist­an is one of the key issues that impede­s achiev­ing tax revenu­e target­s

January 30, 2019

Tax, the existential crisis

It has been estima­ted that the land-owning classe­s have been evadin­g taxes to the tune of over $1.2 billio­n a year

January 5, 2019

Case for farm income tax

Agricu­lture sector pays less taxes as compar­ed to other sector­s due to big landlo­rds with politi­cal influe­nce

December 15, 2018

Doubling the tax revenue with current policies?

Taxes are an import­ant source of revenu­e genera­tion for any govern­ment

September 26, 2018