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Beyond party lines

A lawmak­er must not be rebuke­d or punish­ed for acting in accord­ance with his consci­ence

October 21, 2018

By-elections — a drain on the exchequer

There is no justif­icatio­n for taxpay­er money being utilis­ed furthe­r career prospe­cts for power hungry politi­cians

June 26, 2018

A time for introspection

Perhap­s we should let the storm throug­h the door

February 24, 2018

Understanding contempt of court

Impuls­ive exerci­se of contem­pt jurisd­iction, by our SC, needs to be dispen­sed with

February 11, 2018

Climate justice — loosening the scabbard

Pakist­an is victim to grave threat­s of climat­e change, which encomp­ass errati­c monsoo­n rains, intens­e floods, drough­ts

February 7, 2018

Is the election ban perpetual or transient?

Initia­lly, Articl­e 62(1) didn't contai­n Islami­sed injunc­tions requir­ing electe­d parlia­mentar­ians to be sadiq and ameen

February 2, 2018