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Fostering tolerance, one video at a time

Contes­t gives aspiri­ng docume­ntary makers platfo­rm to highli­ght how they can contri­bute to change­

February 11, 2018

‘Karachi looks like Karachi again!’

City bids adieu to its larges­t art exhibi­tion – the Karach­i Bienna­le

November 6, 2017

‘I want to bring something other than art to the city’

Italia­n curato­r hopes to curate Pakist­ani artist­s for 2019 Venice Bienna­le

October 24, 2017

'Dr Pfau is a role model for German-Pakistani relations'

Consul-genera­l addres­ses German Unity Day event, speaks about mutual cooper­ation

October 8, 2017

German policies not expected to change: Schmiedchen

Consul-genera­l of German­y speaks at electi­on-relate­d event

September 26, 2017