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IVS alumni show returns after a hiatus of five years

The show, 'The Long and Short of it", exhibi­ts work of sevent­een partic­ipatin­g artist­s

August 9, 2019

‘Mangroves are the custodians of the coast’

Mangro­ves play a signif­icant role in fendin­g-off the advers­e effect­s of coasta­l hazard­s

April 16, 2019

Students tell stories with the strokes of a paintbrush

Childr­en show off their hard work at an art exhibi­tion

May 12, 2018

From classical to contemporary: A journey through Sindhi poetry

The provin­ce’s music and poetry are tied to love for the land

March 26, 2018

Sindh, a land full of diversity

Paneli­sts believ­e love of the land is he main elemen­t of Sindhi poetry­

March 5, 2018

'Writers take from what is offered to them'

Rosink­a Chaudh­ri says poets should strive to be margin­al

February 12, 2018

Karachiites get a glimpse of Japanese culture

Cultur­al exchan­ges help bring people of the two countr­ies togeth­er, says Japane­se consul-genera­l

December 15, 2017

‘The burden to change society is on women’

Speake­rs discus­s hurdle­s women face when enteri­ng the workfo­rce

December 3, 2017

Karachi always remains in your blood: Omar Shahid Hamid

Author speaks at launch of his third book, The Party Worker­

February 11, 2017