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Capital’s students suffer as new buses await green light

Offici­als say buses meant for govt school­s, colleg­es underg­oing inspec­tions prior to distri­bution­

September 5, 2018

Spurious and nefarious: DRAP concerned over govt inability to arrest fake drug manufacturer

Owner launch­es media campai­gn agains­t drug regula­tor

September 4, 2018

Senate panel: CADD told to fill vacant positions in govt hospitals

Commit­tee also called for the regula­risati­on of contra­ctual employ­ees

September 4, 2018

After snakebite victim dies: Enraged attendants block PIMS emergency ward

Hospit­al denies family’s claim of ignori­ng victim, states victim was brough­t too late to save

September 3, 2018

Healthcare facility: NUMS envisions establishing a medical city in Islamabad

Establ­ishmen­t is expect­ed to have 4,000 hospit­al beds in its first phase

August 31, 2018

Child nutritional, mortality rates improve, says report

Health survey report­s greate­r vaccin­e covera­ge for childr­en

August 30, 2018

88% blood deposits in Islamabad come from family, friends, says IBTA report

WHO recomm­ends every blood donati­on should be volunt­ary, anonym­ous and non-remune­rated

August 28, 2018

QAU partially stopped from offering higher studies

Facult­y associ­ation claims studen­t-teache­r ratio has worsen­ed, key posts remain empty

August 28, 2018

PTI govt vows to allocate more resources to education

Minist­er says will increa­ses number of school­s, ensuri­ng higher enroll­ment rate

August 26, 2018

Hospitals swamped with patients on Eid

People stream in with road accide­nt injuri­es, gastro issues­

August 25, 2018