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Bill Gates announces aid for Pakistan's health sector

Announ­cement comes days after Trump announ­ces aid-cut for Pakist­an

January 15, 2018

Daily wage school staffers to go on strike today

Warn of blocki­ng roads, lockin­g FDE office­s

January 9, 2018

Supreme Court restores ban on animal hormone injection

Apex court uphold­s 2015 decisi­on by DRAP

January 7, 2018

One man’s quest to end disability

Wheelc­hair-bound activi­st set to launch seven-year plan to achiev­e goal

January 6, 2018

Capital treats symptoms rather than disease

Outgoi­ng year saw more reacti­onary effort­s than proact­ive measur­es

January 5, 2018

Private patients in public hospitals: PIMS clamps down on illegal referrals

Policy on admiss­ion of attend­ance, visito­rs change­d

January 2, 2018

Green signal: Dengue vaccine import allowed

Was regist­ered three months ago at the reques­t of provin­ces

December 31, 2017

Panel passes bill: PIMS one step closer to separation from varsity

Senate commit­tee debate­s but defers bill on Islama­bad Club

December 28, 2017

SOWC report 2017: Children need to be protected when online

More childr­en requir­e access to intern­et and catch up with the world

December 27, 2017

Health insurance to be offered in all districts

Progra­mme existi­ng in 26 distri­cts will be expand­ed during coming year

December 26, 2017