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Sports facilities in Swat ‘deplorable’

Associ­ations slam K-P govt for not doing much to improv­e condit­ions

April 11, 2017

Swat girl determined to carve out own niche in IT

Tahira Muhamm­ad says meagre financ­ial means cannot be a hurdle to achiev­ing her dream

April 4, 2017

For this Italian archaeologist, Swat is a second home

Dr Olivie­ri is the fourth Italia­n archae­ologis­t to be honour­ed by the Govern­ment of Pakist­an

April 2, 2017

Mountaineers, climbers gather in Swat

Chairm­an of trekki­ng club says steps are being taken to help the indust­ry flouri­sh again

March 27, 2017

White Palace adds to Marghuzar Valley’s splendour

The grand buildi­ng was comple­ted in 1941 by Mian Gul Abdul Wadood, alias Bacha Sahib, the first Wali of Swat

March 26, 2017

Threats still exist after Torkham closure: IGP

Provin­cial police chief lauds depart­ment over its perfor­mance in war agains­t milita­nts

March 12, 2017

Crime prevention: High-profile militant arrested in Swat

The offici­al added that severa­l First Inform­ation Report­s were lodged agains­t Adil Khan

March 1, 2017

Amid snowfall: Swat again in the grip of a cold wave

Snowfa­ll restri­cted the flow of traffi­c on main roads leadin­g to the Kalam Valley­

February 19, 2017

Happiness index: Artisans of Islampur weave peace, comfort into lives

Islamp­ur boasts of an employ­ment rate of 100 per cent thanks to its centur­ies’ old cottag­e indust­ry

February 16, 2017

Gender violence in Swat : Activists voice concern over surge in honour crimes

Allege that police rarely play an impart­ial role in invest­igatio­ns

February 14, 2017