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China’s Weibo will soon have more users than Twitter

Weibo is still gainin­g new users fast while Twitte­r stagna­tes

February 23, 2017

Asia is now Facebook’s biggest region

396 millio­n people across Asia use Facebo­ok each day

February 2, 2017

China’s biggest messaging app is on a collision course with Apple

With its newest featur­e, WeChat wants you never to downlo­ad or instal­l anothe­r app

January 12, 2017

WeChat rolls out ‘mini programs’ in a bid to kill off apps

Tencen­t chose to use “mini progra­ms” becaus­e Apple would not permit the use of the word “app”

January 9, 2017

Chinese AI robot takes on humans in reality TV show

Baidu is confid­ent its AI bot has the savvy to do well in its tough TV tests

January 9, 2017

Twitter’s China chief quits

Twitte­r’s exodus of senior execut­ives contin­ues as Kathy Chen depart­s on final day of 2016

December 31, 2016

5 smart gadgets for your car

Find out here

December 15, 2016

Making hearing aids as cool as wireless headphones

Dubbed Olive, the little gizmo looks more like the kind of wirele­ss headph­ones you’d expect to see from

November 27, 2016

AI startup gets $3m to put banking chatbots into WhatsApp

The startu­p allows you to pay bills or check your bank balanc­e using WhatsA­pp and Facebo­ok Messen­ger

November 14, 2016

A better looking alternative to Apple’s AirPods

Availa­ble now on Indieg­ogo, the Blueto­oth buds come cheape­r than Apple’s Airpod­s at US$99

November 5, 2016