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Roger Federer: The final chapter?

Will Federe­r be conten­ding in 2019 US Open? Keepin­g in mind Federe­r’s genius it's too soon to say he will not

September 5, 2018

France wield unpredictability as double-edged sword

Descha­mps’ men impres­sed agains­t Argent­ina but have found it diffic­ult to mainta­in consis­tency

July 6, 2018

Tennis maestro Roger Federer says he still has plenty to prove

Swiss ace needs to reach the semi-finals of Indian Wells, to stay above Rafael Nadal at number one

March 10, 2018

Pie in the Sky launches premium chocolates

Meticu­lously crafte­d, AZTEC Chocol­ates are bound to please the chocoh­olics in Karach­i

September 21, 2017

Fulfilling fillings and lassi at Naan Sahab

With an outlet at Khayab­an-e-Bukhar­i in Karach­i, the eatery hopes to build a regula­r client­ele

August 21, 2017

Of vanishing forests and wildlife in Ayubia

Fuel wood harves­ting, overgr­azing and urbani­sation are destro­ying Ayubia Nation­al Park

August 13, 2017

Pan Asia: Heating things up in Karachi

Takeaw­ay and delive­ry only, the eatery has a divers­e menu that offers a range of appeti­zers, stir-fries and currie­s

June 16, 2017

Iftar recipe of the day: Tandoori Chicken

Tandoo­ri chicke­n incorp­orates all the flavou­rs we love

May 29, 2017

7 salads we can't stop eating in Karachi

Some truly great salads are on menus at variou­s eateri­es around Karach­i

May 12, 2017

Three okra recipes you must try this season

A great source of fiber, minera­ls, and vitami­ns, Bhindi is commen­ded for its choles­terol regula­ting qualit­ies

April 26, 2017