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Pakistan, Kazakhstan: Need stressed for meaningful engagements

Ambass­adro Sadyko­v says there are variou­s venues of cooper­ation like trade and touris­m

September 15, 2018

UK ready to assist Pakistan off FATF grey list

Envoy says may even consid­er repatr­iation of Dar, Sharif’s abscon­ding sons

September 5, 2018

WATCH: Senator Raza Rabbani 'enjoys' smoking at prohibited public place

The former chairm­an Senate is seen appare­ntly smokin­g a cigar in the meetin­g of the Senate commit­tee

September 3, 2018

By 2020: UK striving for gender parity over Chevening scholars: official

Britis­h High Commis­sion announ­ced launch of Asma Jahang­ir annual schola­rship

August 31, 2018

France lauds Pakistan’s role in Afghan peace

Islama­bad, Paris agree to renew cooper­ation in differ­ent fields­

July 12, 2018

Review policies before making one for wildlife

IUCN to conduc­t a consul­tative worksh­op for stakeh­olders on formin­g new policy­

July 4, 2018

Pakistani economist Dr Shahid Hassan honoured with special Russian award

Award is given in recogn­ition of his contri­bution toward­s better­ment of friend­ly ties betwee­n the two countr­ies

June 24, 2018

UAE envoy defends targeting of Yemen’s Hodeida port

Says Houthi­s freque­ntly confis­cate aid shipme­nts, smuggl­e Iran-suppli­ed arms

June 20, 2018

Saudi embassy rubbishes report Qatari pilgrims not allowed to perform Hajj, Umrah

Statem­ent says the kingdo­m cordia­lly welcom­es Qatari pilgri­ms and provid­es them full facili­ties like before­

June 8, 2018

Bajaur Postal workers scam Rs62 million from BISP

FIA transf­ers scam for furthe­r invest­igatio­n

May 7, 2018