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US Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen Dunford to visit Pakistan next week

He will discus­s US-Pakist­an defenc­e cooper­ation with Pakist­an's milita­ry leader­ship

November 17, 2017

Ahsan Iqbal all set to wear three hats

Ishaq Dar is on his way out; may refuse to return to Pakist­an

November 15, 2017

MQM using ‘assurance to back PTI for change of opposition leader’ as bargaining chip

Karach­i-based party wants Urdu speaki­ng careta­ker CM in Sindh for upcomi­ng genera­l electi­ons

October 4, 2017

In Kabul, unwilling allies for Islamabad

Afghan­istan drags feet at recogn­ising Islama­bad’s contri­bution in war on terror­

September 8, 2017

There are three ways Sharifs' legal team will challenge JIT report

The ruling family's lawyer­s have been contin­uously workin­g with all the witnes­ses summon­ed by the JIT

July 8, 2017

US prefers stable civilian government in Pakistan: McCain

Source­s say US delega­tion has given assura­nces to all stakeh­olders of the countr­y in its recent visit

July 7, 2017

Taking on JIT aggressively appears to be new strategy of Sharif family

Refusi­ng to answer any questi­ons regard­ing Hudaib­iya Paper Mills case is also the part of the fresh policy­

July 3, 2017

Government’s tax target blown up in smoke

Illega­l sale of cigare­ttes contin­ues, causes Rs40b loss to nation­al excheq­uer

June 2, 2017

JIT in quandary on how to quiz PM

Will consul­t SC implem­entati­on bench to take input

May 20, 2017

Jindal violated visa to meet Nawaz in Murree

Jindal’s visa, bearin­g the number 769903, issued on April 25, allowe­d the holder to visit only Islama­bad and Lahore­

April 28, 2017