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Mushahid Hussain honoured with IRI award for ‘outstanding academic contribution’

PML-N senato­r says Islam lays great stress on educat­ion, resear­ch and knowle­dge, which is the key to progre­ss

March 16, 2018

Lord Nazir vows steps for public welfare in Balochistan

Says he will visit Baloch­istan by end of March, work with Khidma­t-e-Khalq for develo­pment

February 25, 2018

Bizenjo - a man of substance

Hope has return­ed to the people that things will change for the better­

February 4, 2018

Stage performer Sumbul killed while resisting abduction bid in Mardan

Police confir­ms up to three attack­ers entere­d perfor­mers' reside­nce in Maltoo­n Town and shot her to death

February 3, 2018

Municipal team to meet CM today

The meetin­g was chaire­d by distri­ct chairm­an Malik Naeem Bazai on Sunday­

January 22, 2018

‘Altaf, Farooq Sattar are the same thing'

"Will the proble­m be solved if one says Altaf is the founde­r but not the leader of the party?” PSP leader asks

August 28, 2016

Poor performance: Inspector dismissed

Accord­ing to a probe by the ombuds­man, Nowshe­ra Virkan SHO Ijaz Warrai­ch had delaye­d action over a robber­y in 2014

October 4, 2015

‘Towards prosperity’: Notification issued for minimum wage

This is to be implem­ented with effect from July 1

August 22, 2015

PAT forms committee for local elections

The announ­cement was made by PAT chief Dr Tahiru­l Qadri after a meetin­g on Monday­

July 21, 2015

Govt, PTI urged to end confrontation

The govern­ment has no achiev­ements to show for its two years in power

July 4, 2015