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PNEC students dreaming of top 10 in Formula Student competition

They raised around Rs5m funds; design­ed and assemb­led a racing car to compet­e in German­y

July 13, 2018

'A tsunami is coming and we aren't doing anything to prevent it'

Oxfam countr­y direct­or says we will have no one else to blame if Pakist­an become a water-defici­ent countr­y

May 3, 2018

'Partition continues to be a living experience'

Speake­rs discus­s how genera­tions have reacte­d to the format­ion of Pakist­an and India

February 12, 2018

The pen is mightier than the sword

Writer­s argue fictio­n played key role in remark­able events such as abolit­ion of slaver­y, Arab Spring­

February 12, 2018

10th International Urdu Conference kicks off

Keynot­e speake­rs lament declin­e of human values­

December 22, 2017

'Media doesn't help women overcome challenges in patriarchal society'

Speake­rs at WoW Festiv­al lament media's lack of intere­st in women-centri­c issues­

December 4, 2017

Need for formal water policy at national level stressed

Speake­rs highli­ght water waste in cities, aging barrag­es, deplet­ion of underg­round water at confer­ence

November 23, 2017

Saadi Town flooding not linked with Thaddo Dam, claims researcher

Indian journa­list speaks about Hindu amils of Karach­i at Fifth Annual Karach­i Confer­ence

October 30, 2017

Digital registry brings us a step closer to 100% immunisation in Sindh

The Zindag­i Mehfoo­z regist­ry is expect­ed to increa­se number of vaccin­ated childr­en in the provin­ce

October 5, 2017