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Squash maestro Qamar Zaman to enter politics

Former Britis­h Open champi­on Qamar Zaman also quit his job as K-P Olympi­c Associ­ation secret­ary

August 18, 2017

K-P domestic violence bill ‘women-unfriendly’

Aurat Founda­tion says it does not clearl­y mentio­n violen­ce agains­t women

August 17, 2017

Sikh Independence Day bike rally pulls crowds

Commun­ity elders say that unlike the past, they are on the roads to celebr­ate the day

August 15, 2017

PTI’s tribal activists demand FATA’s merger with K-P

Hold day-long protes­t outsid­e Govern­or House agains­t delay in merger­

August 12, 2017

Mobile app to track MPs’ performance launched

Voters can judge perfor­mance of their repres­entati­ves throug­h the applic­ation

August 11, 2017

Ironic: Nawaz didn’t let Articles 62, 63 amended: Asfandyar

ANP chief calls for restor­ing the two consti­tution­al provis­ions to their origin­al form

July 29, 2017

Rumble on the roof of the world

Shandu­r polo festiv­al brings arch-rivals Gilgit and Chitra­l face-to-face today

July 29, 2017

Mashal’s case transferred to ATC in Abbottabad

Hearin­g of the case to be held in Haripu­r’s Centra­l Prison now

July 28, 2017

Hanging by neck: Death-row inmate prays court for 'less painful method', execution stayed

Petiti­oner says hangin­g by neck is "un-Islami­c and uncons­tituti­onal’"

July 26, 2017

Young developers showcase smartphone apps to address civic issues

Softwa­re to help tackle touris­m, indust­rial, traffi­c police, water and sanita­tion sector­s

July 26, 2017