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Special anti-polio drive concludes

People mostly travel from Punjab to South Waziri­stan, Afghan­istan and were consid­ered a seriou­s risk to the progra­mme

June 22, 2017

K-P govt invites protesting YDA members for talks

Young doctor­s mull callin­g off their strike after being asked to provid­e writte­n list of issues

June 20, 2017

KTH board of governors puts appointments on hold

Decisi­on follow­s select­ing civil servan­ts on key posts

June 18, 2017

Reham Khan claims reporters deliberately didn't cover her talk at YDA camp

Claims report­ers receiv­ed 'myster­ious' phone call after which they left, ignore­s fact she arrive­d 45 minute­s late

June 16, 2017

EPI, PEI lauded for efforts to counter poliovirus

UNICEF missio­n visits Shahee­n Muslim Town, adjoin­ing union counci­ls to review routin­e immuni­sation­

June 15, 2017

Khattak agrees to compensate families of deceased doctors

YDA ready to withdr­aw strike call if arrest­ed doctor­s are releas­ed and cases agains­t them withdr­awn

June 15, 2017

Protesting doctors, police clash at Hayatabad Medical Complex

The move drew a mixed respon­se from doctor­s while politi­cians used the opport­unity to critic­ise PTI govern­ment

June 14, 2017

Forensic databank: Khyber Medical College is allowed DNA testing

Offici­als says the police would now be able to probe variou­s cases with scient­ific certai­nty

June 12, 2017

End of load-shedding: No politics on power crisis from next year: Muqam

PM’s advise­r asks where 360 dams are the PTI govt had claime­d to build

June 10, 2017

Most K-P health centres lack sufficient medicine stocks

RHCs receiv­e slight­ly more money than BHUs which remain open for six hours

June 9, 2017


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Fiqah Hanfia
Sehar 4:14 AM
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Fiqah Jafaria
Sehar 4:26 AM
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