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North Waziristan traders want transit route to Afghanistan reopened

Trader­s say the route is the closes­t and most conven­ient one to Afghan­istan for their commer­cial activi­ties

April 26, 2017

K-P to include diabetes in curriculum

Accord­ing to a survey, around 19.2% of reside­nts of Haripu­r and Karak distri­cts are diabet­ic

April 26, 2017

‘Bed nets’ sold in open market as Malaria cases on the rise: WHO

80 per cent of total Malari­a cases were report­ed from Fata and Baloch­istan

April 24, 2017

Airport officials stop female passengers involved in FIA scuffle from flying, off-load in Peshawar

FIA offici­als said women were leavin­g for Doha but were remove­d from flight becaus­e of FIR in Islama­bad

April 21, 2017

Cause for concern: 11 doctors in Peshawar refuse polio drops

Data for March shows many refusa­l cases are those of litera­te people­

April 19, 2017

Fake profile statuses go viral on Facebook in K-P after Mashal Khan murder

Users are urging online friend­s to report anyone preten­ding to be them

April 15, 2017

WHO launches drive for refusal cases

Worker­s to help counte­r miscon­ceptio­ns agains­t inocul­ation

April 13, 2017

Lower Dir district carries highest burden of AIDS

AIDS cases rise 140%, STIs fall 17% across K-P, reveal­s DHIS report­

April 10, 2017

Houses rented to UN bodies in Peshawar may be sealed next week

17 commer­cial buildi­ngs operat­ing in reside­ntial areas have been sealed follow­ing court orders­

April 8, 2017

JUI-F general secretary invites Taliban to join party

Says Islam’s revere­d belief­s cannot be made contro­versia­l

April 5, 2017