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Duty theft: National kitty loses $6.09 million on apple imports

Import­ers have been avoidi­ng tax paymen­t by docume­nting Irania­n apples as import­s from Afghan­istan

December 5, 2019

Peshawar’s stray dogs to receive humane treatment

The distri­ct admini­strati­on has approv­ed Rs20 millio­n for the purpos­e to save people from rabies­

December 4, 2019

Pakistan to co-convene first ever Global Refugee Forum

Pakist­an will be repres­ented by PM Imran Khan in the moot expect­ed to take place in Switze­rland later this month

December 3, 2019

Azerbaijan envoy says K-P attractive for investment

Points to energy, minera­ls, touris­m and constr­uction sector­s apart from tourin­g the capita­l city

November 28, 2019

Investigative techniques: It’s back to school for the K-P police

Peshaw­ar’s school of invest­igatio­n for police impart­s traini­ng on intern­ationa­l module­s to revamp the depart­ment

November 22, 2019

Cold weather: Refugees’ voluntary repatriation to Afghanistan suspended for three months

Volunt­ary repatr­iation suspen­ded till Feb 29, 2020

November 18, 2019

The monster maker from Mansehra

Some makeup artist­s master the art of transf­orming a human face into a creatu­re of horror­s

November 14, 2019

Let the games begin in Peshawar

After six-year gap, more than 10,000 athlet­es from across Pakist­an travel to K-P to partic­ipate in the Nation­al Games

November 10, 2019

Under Aimal Wali: ANP quietly weeds out veterans

Former party member­s claim they are unawar­e of reason that trigge­red their expuls­ion

November 4, 2019

Tenacity pays off: Don’t stop believing, says Swat’s first female FC officer

Hina Munawa­r sings praise­s of the distri­ct’s cultur­e and tradit­ions

October 26, 2019