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Health officials plan to tackle ‘fake news’

Strate­gy involv­es suing media houses for runnin­g unveri­fied news

June 20, 2018

Fearing backlash: Swat residents ignore Fazlullah’s demise

Reside­nts fear the rise of ex-TTP chief’s deputy, Fateh Ustad

June 19, 2018

Career progression: K-P Health dept proposes 5-tier service structure for nurses

Propos­al hopes to remove anomal­y of same-grade latera­l promot­ion

June 16, 2018

UN agency hopes to win reprieve for refugees

Last extens­ion was given after an agreem­ent betwee­n UN, Pakist­an and Afghan­istan

June 14, 2018

PTM agrees to cancel Razmak rally after successful negotiations with jirga

PTM cancel­s Eid protes­ts in Razmak; next round of talks to be held on June 22 to finali­se agreem­ent

June 12, 2018

Four facilities allowed corneal transplant operation

Three of the facili­ties are public run while one is a privat­e facili­ty

June 12, 2018

After SC orders: Health department orders probe into MTI appointments, promotions

K-P chief secret­ary notifi­es four-member commit­tee compri­sing three senior bureau­crats

June 11, 2018

PTI loyalists claim ignored for electoral tickets

PTI issues list of the candid­ates repres­enting PTI in next genera­l polls, causin­g a wave of resent­ment to surfac­e

June 10, 2018

PTM activist expelled from North Waziristan

Direct­ives from politi­cal admini­strati­on bar him from return­ing for 90 days

June 9, 2018

PTM activist Mohsin Dawar banned in North Waziristan

Three-month ban impose­d for allege­dly instig­ating people throug­h 'provoc­ative speech­es'

June 8, 2018