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Fareed Ayaz’s wit and wisdom keeps Londoners on their feet

Bulleh Shah, Amir Khusra­u walked hand in hand as city’s South Asian diaspo­ra celebr­ated ‘cool versio­n of Islam’

April 10, 2018

London brings fathers of Mashal, Malala together

Receiv­ing a hero’s welcom­e, Iqbal Lala rues politi­cs of ideolo­gy overta­ken by one of intere­sts

January 22, 2018

Distressing films like 'Chain Aye Na' condition men to never take no for an answer

Syed Noor’s latest celebr­ates harass­ment, making such behavi­our not just accept­able, but even admira­ble

August 11, 2017

Coke Studio musicians raise the curtain on Aamir Zaki’s final performance

Jaffar Zaidi will produc­e the song featur­ing Javed Bashir and Akbar Ali on vocals­

August 3, 2017

Dunkirk review: A not-so-Nolan masterpiece

Nolan relies purely on cinema­tic elemen­ts for a change, sheddi­ng his prior obsess­ion with narrat­ive gimmic­ks

August 2, 2017

10 years of Khuda Kay Liye and what Pakistani cinema has failed to learn

Pakist­ani cinema, the small-town girl, has come to the city only to be used and abused by its keeper­s

July 20, 2017

'Mom review': Riveting but rusty

Ravi Udyawa­r’s Bollyw­ood debut isn’t as much about mother­hood as it is about retrib­ution

July 13, 2017

Salman Ahmed's latest offering explains why Ali Azmat doesn't want a Junoon reunion

We reques­t the Suprem­e Court of Pakist­an to form a JIT and invest­igate ‘Imran Ka Naya Pakist­an’ song

July 11, 2017

Shuja Haider's epic journey from queueing for food at Data Darbar to Coke Studio

Early trials of life and fate have made music-making into a humbli­ng experi­ence for ‘Khaki Banda’ hitmak­er

July 7, 2017

Exclusive: Coke Studio 10's line-up will leave you starstruck

Annive­rsary episod­e of music show to featur­e much-antici­pated collab­oratio­ns, with tribut­es and memori­ums

July 4, 2017