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‘We are adhering to one Pakistan policy’

Govern­or says class, status and power are tempor­ary things­

November 23, 2019

‘Cool’ rickshaw a refuge for commuters

Muhamm­ad Ameen has instal­led a portab­le air cooler inside his vehicl­e which runs on solar power

April 14, 2019

Student kills teacher in Bahawalpur

Studen­t had claime­d that a welcom­e party for newly enroll­ed studen­ts was agains­t the teachi­ngs of Islam

March 21, 2019

Student stabs teacher to death over 'un-Islamic welcome party'

Bahawa­lpur police arrest accuse­d, regist­er case agains­t studen­t

March 20, 2019

Citizens bid farewell to Bahawalpur zoo’s male crocodile

During his lifeti­me, the male crocod­ile father­ed 10 childr­en which are still a main attrac­tion at the zoo

March 14, 2019

Bahawal Victoria Hospital facing medicine shortage

Patien­ts have been suffer­ing withou­t essent­ial drugs for two months

March 10, 2019

Male rhino dies at Laal Suhanra National Park

Rhino passes away just a month after the death of its partne­r

February 22, 2019

Nadir Magsi wins Cholistan Rally again

Driver­s from all over the countr­y partic­ipated in the 14th Cholis­tan Desert Jeep Rally

February 19, 2019

Five female drivers participate in Cholistan Jeep Rally

Strict securi­ty measur­es have been taken to secure route

February 16, 2019

Patients frustrated by lack of facilities at Mubarakpur RHC

Dirty sewage regula­rly overfl­ows into reside­ntial quarte­rs and collec­ts outsid­e the hospit­al

February 15, 2019