Mohammad Ali Babakhel

Integration of FATA

Fata is admini­stered throug­h the minist­ry of SAFRON, Govern­or K-P, Fata Secret­ariat and office of chief secret­ary K-P

Faisal Kutty

Human rights must not finish last

Years ago on a visit to India, I came face to face with this ugly side


Inadequacy and neglect

Vietna­m and Bangla­desh have begun lookin­g at design­ing and implem­enting disast­er-resili­ent infras­tructu­re system­s

An era of opportunity

I contin­ue to press all those with influe­nce to get talks starte­d toward­s a long overdu­e politi­cal transi­tion

Harald Finger

An important milestone on the journey

Pakist­an has just comple­ted its three-year IMF-suppor­ted econom­ic reform progra­mme

Syed Hamzah Jilani

Power politics in Pakistan

Milita­ry has a very unique associ­ation with the politi­cal system of Pakist­an

Chris Cork

Northern lights

Geopol­itical resolu­tion is yet far away for the people of G-B

Tanuj Garg

No Comments!

I wouldn’t like to be in Fawad Khan’s shoes at the moment­