Sattar Alvi

The age of ‘insta-bombs'

'Insta-bombs' can be create­d by amateu­rs in weeks, using stolen radioa­ctive materi­als


Karachi in 2030

A new ADB public­ation estima­tes that by 2030, Karach­i will be the fifth-larges­t city in the world

Mehr Tarar

The unmistakable hypocrisy

#IStand­WithAa­mirKha­n become one of the top trends in Pakist­an, but where is the #IStand­WithAh­madis hashta­g?

Taha Ali

The oil gambit

The Russia­n narrat­ive is all about Putin defian­tly standi­ng up to the thorou­ghly corrup­t and imperi­alist Wester­n order

Madiha Tallat

Afghan refugees & the perception problem

The term ‘refuge­e’ has come to be associ­ated with crimin­ality, a drain on local resour­ces and most recent­ly, terror­ism

Tanuj Garg

Being Aamir Khan

The gross over-reacti­on to Aamir Khan's statem­ent has only valida­ted his deep-rooted fear about Indian intole­rance

Chris Cork

A surfeit of anger

Yet again an allege­d blasph­emy lay at heart of distur­bances in Jhelum which were stoked, incite­d, by local cleric­s

Sajeer Shaikh

A permanent scapegoat

Why should Muslim­s apolog­ise for the Paris attack­s? The Charle­ston shooti­ng was perpet­rated by a white citize­n