President Xi Jinping’s landmark visit to India

Pakist­an must seek to normal­ise, deepen ties with India for a China-India-Pakist­an-Iran trade bloc to become a realit­y


The impending gas crunch

The price charge­d to consum­ers needs to equal the price that we will need to pay for the new supply of gas.


Flood management disaster

Our decisi­on-makers remain conten­t to rely on reacti­onary and tokeni­stic measur­es in respon­se to natura­l disast­ers.

Saad Shabbir

The 2010 floods: did we learn?

We cannot fully preven­t floods but with system­atic planni­ng and coordi­nation the losses by floods can be reduce­d.


Tobin tax and Mahbub ul Haq

If implem­ented, the yield from Europe­an Tobin tax is not likely to be used for develo­pment assist­ance.


No room for democracy

Pakist­an has passed stage of evolut­ion. We will see a revolu­tion happen in parts which will be even messie­r, prolon­ged


Dharna politics: View from the provinces

There is not a single non-Punjab­i front rank leader in the PML-N, the PTI or the Minhaj­ul Quran.

Chris Cork

Reality check

It has to be conced­ed that there is a quicke­ning of the pulse of that most elusiv­e of giants …The Masses.