The Anti-National Action Plan

We seek to counte­r Anti-Nation­al Action Plan with bureau­cratic memora­ndums and double­speak.


The indigestible glory of strategic inadequacy

Today if the leader­ship really wants us to believ­e that it is reform­ing itself, it should prove it can reform police­


Obscenity in film

Manto unders­tood the functi­on of Bollyw­ood and recogn­ised that its openne­ss and tolera­nce was its greate­st attrib­ute


Remembering Sir Herbert Read’s little book

I genuin­ely believ­e that almost every man, irresp­ective of religi­on, goes throug­h The Existe­ntiali­st Experi­ence

Shamshad Ahmad

A worrisome ‘alliance’

We know such allian­ces never endure, keep changi­ng as world and its dynami­cs do by the inevit­able proces­s of change­


The Punjab governor’s resignation

His resign­ation is anothe­r link to this chain of signif­icant ‘nos’ to an outdat­ed and decade­nt mode of govern­ance

Saba Karim

New dawn for young militants

Being a first-of-its-kind endeav­our, it provid­es a unique kind of interv­ention for young potent­ial suicid­e bomber­s


Wrong number

Seeing the high claims of being in touch with God himsel­f by a Hindu god-man, PK accuse­s him of callin­g a wrong number­


Illegal number plates

A new car number­ing scheme by Sindh Police enable­s same car to be used by a citize­n, a crimin­al or a police­man.