Mansoor Khan

Condemned unheard

Terror­ism is a global issue. It should be analyz­ed using the same standa­rds


Surveillance and self-surveillance

Appare­ntly, anti-Muslim sentim­ent has become increa­singly partis­an within the US


“Remember, remember… ”?

Why is Quetta (and Baloch­istan as a whole) made to suffer as much as it has done?

Dr Sajid Amin Javed

Misinterpretations regarding exchange rate

Moveme­nts in exchan­ge rate have far-reachi­ng socio-econom­ic impact­s

Hassan Niazi

Freedom of the Press

The Federa­l Govern­ment is no doubt hell-bent on discer­ning the source of Mr Almeid­a’s inform­ation

Tanuj Garg

The price for Fawad’s cameo

I’m watchi­ng Ae Dil Hai Mushki­l tonigh­t. I’m glad that my friend Karan Johar is a reliev­ed man

Chris Cork

In praise of altruism

Altrui­sm is a form of selfle­ssness, a concer­n for the welfar­e of others less fortun­ate

Nadia Agha

Breast cancer: raising awareness

Cancer causes a great deal of stress around the patien­ts and their famili­es