Mistakes past, present

Busine­ssmen compla­in that they have to pay taxes & bribe to over 22 agenci­es to simply engage in produc­tion and export­


The drone strike in Datta Khel

To elimin­ate terror­ists, relian­ce on the effect­ive employ­ment and use of Americ­an drones is a great milita­ry advant­age


Karachi — the likely destination for IDPs

Histor­y sugges­ts that an import­ant part of the IDP rehabi­litati­on initia­tive should focus on Karach­i.

Juggun Kazim


To care is a wonder­ful thing. But don’t love others to a point where you lose yourse­lf in the proces­s.

Phelim Kine

Pakistan’s dangerous anti-terrorism law

Denyin­g Pakist­anis their univer­sal rights and freedo­ms isn’t a smart or effect­ive tool for battli­ng terror­ism.


Lust for life

On Indepe­ndence Day, nation will yearn for the countr­y that Quaid visual­ised before vultur­es ripped into its flesh.


Vaidik meeting: Storm in a teacup

I’m deligh­ted that BJP is facing heat on this silly issue. They raised simila­r things all the time in opposi­tion.


The systematic destruction of the railways

Can PML-N govern­ment put things right or will the railwa­ys become an anachr­onism forcin­g travel­lers to travel by bus?


Terrible flight from Malaysia

Contin­uous rapid declin­e of PIA is visibl­e on every flight, and also in its reserv­ation system and check-in counte­rs

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