Overpo­pulati­on, crumbl­ing infras­tructu­re, illite­racy, povert­y, all are visibl­e to the naked eye here

Mohammad Ali Babakhel

Building community resilience

Mother­s can play a key role in instil­ling tolera­nce and proble­m-solvin­g approa­ches in their childr­en

Zamir Akram

Kashmir: human rights and wrongs

Pakist­an has neithe­r in past nor in the presen­t situat­ion denied UN or the high commis­sioner access to Azad Kashmi­r


Issues surrounding burkini debate

Burkin­is have given a new genera­tion of observ­ant Muslim women a chance to enjoy a day by the sea


Thar revisited

Last week I had the chance to visit Thar again after more than a decade­


Women and the changing state

We are so troubl­ed by our static civil-milita­ry relati­ons that we refuse to look for other indica­tors of change­


Modi, Balochistan and Gilgit

Pakist­an should see Modi’s refere­nce to both Gilgit and Baloch­istan as an opport­unity and a challe­nge

Tanuj Garg

Rahat, Momina create magic!

I fell deeply, madly in love with Momina’s voice when years back, she made her Bollyw­ood debut in my film, Ek...