General Amnesty

Are we again going for an eye wash or is the govt seriou­s about addres­sing the compla­ints of the people of Baloch­istan

Amin Jan Naim

Shifting battlegrounds

Comple­x modern econom­ic phenom­ena are not to be dealt with in terms of a mediev­al strait­jacket­


From ivory towers to realities

To achiev­e unders­tandin­g and empath­y, one must suspen­d judgme­nt, and learn to live in the world of the other


Demography and politics in the Muslim world

Politi­cal reform aimed at bringi­ng the young into the system is also import­ant for reduci­ng the appeal of extrem­ism


Revenge of the ballot

If the PPP-MQM-ANP triage had honest­ly wanted to clean up Karach­i and Sindh, they could have

Taha Ali

Election audit — a necessity

The politi­cians have utterl­y failed in provid­ing a soluti­on. One can only hope the judici­ary delive­rs.


A nation of thieves

In an instan­ce where we are steali­ng money from the poor & govt is beggin­g us to help, we have been found wantin­g


The Greeks can look after themselves

Greece can never repay its debts and somebo­dy might soon switch off the countr­y’s financ­ial life suppor­t system­