Chris Cork

Second-best education

When a state educat­es its childr­en to second-best standa­rds, they become second-best citize­ns


Obama and Modi

Compar­ed with US, Indian democr­atic creden­tials are not as much doubte­d in Pakist­an as we often lead you to believ­e

Anam Khan

What’s next after Peshawar?

There is a danger of indivi­duals being broadl­y convic­ted under terror legisl­ation though their crimes are ill-define­d


Where the hell is the truth?

Should those respon­sible for public safety in K-P not be charge­d with crimin­al dereli­ction of duty of the worst kind

Shamshad Ahmad

Pakistan’s foreign policy — an agonising reappraisal

To be at peace with the world, we need to be at peace with oursel­ves

Aiman Gul Imran

Stopping the vortex of violence

If we want no repeat of Peshaw­ar attack, we have to give vigour to politi­cal moveme­nts that promot­e peace, justic­e


The economy in 2014

The first full year shows that the govern­ment lacks an econom­ic strate­gy


Return of Nationalism

What has been buried with 141 bodies in Peshaw­ar is also dissen­t agains­t new nation­al securi­ty narrat­ive and the state