Sultana Noon

Death penalty — the human tragedy behind the numbers

When a member of LeJ was execut­ed, word on the street was that they distri­buted mithai to celebr­ate his ‘martyr­dom’


Courting Kabul

Pakist­an wanted to woo Kabul but it ended up aliena­ting almost everyo­ne in and around it

Maryam Aurangzeb

Grow up Imran Khan!

Imran has to choose to lead PTI to become a credib­le voice in nation­al discou­rse or let party fall into more ignomi­ny

Mohammad Ali Babakhel

Case for using police in disaster management

To prepar­e police for challe­nges during disast­ers, it should be traine­d in life-saving skills as well as fire-fighti­ng

Sahir Khan

Analysing the Judicial Commission report

The electi­on was compro­mised. That should invali­date the first TOR at the least, which in turn invali­dates third TOR


Issues in US presidential elections

Loudmo­uthed Trump and self-styled “Democr­atic Social­ist” Sander­s have brough­t forth issues spin of party strate­gists

Dr Faizullah Abbasi

Translating academic innovation into practical solutions

Pakist­ani univer­sities, by joinin­g hands, have the potent­ial to turn into very effect­ive think tanks for govern­ment


Lost in translation

Bajran­gi Bhaija­an doesn’t say that we are the same; it just remind­s us of our geogra­phical closen­ess


Lyari Expressway

The Lyari Expres­sway from Maurip­ur to Sohrab Goth should be open betwee­n 5pm and 9pm, Monday throug­h Friday­