Ikram Sehgal

Another Gibraltar?

Stuck betwee­n rock and a hard place, burnt his boats, there is no other choice for Imran but to achiev­e his object­ice

Chris Cork

Run out of revs

Dr Q always had Plan B. If it all went to worms, there was Canada to fall back on, but for IK, there is nowher­e to go


Pakistan and India’s shared waters

Time to develo­p transb­oundar­y water cooper­ation commis­sion under IWT to make futuri­stic, viable plan for water use

Askari Raza Malik

Crucial questions

Politi­cians must put their act togeth­er contin­gency evolve­s itself and sends Pakist­an reelin­g back to square one


Modi’s hostility to Pakistan

Modi’s ambiti­on of puttin­g India into big league can only happen if it's at peace with neighb­ours, intern­ally stable­


A way out of the rut

We don’t need to become China’s sweats­hop, but there should­n't be hesita­tion in becomi­ng a partne­r for mutual progre­ss

Anam Khan

What is — and isn’t — ‘terrorism’?

Any form of violen­ce, whethe­r a gun attack or a politi­cally inspir­ed attack, should be consid­ered an act of terror­


India’s inexplicable aggression

Reviva­l of Indian econom­y that Modi promis­ed will not materi­alise by becomi­ng a gun-toting loyal deputy marsha­l to US