Shivam Vij

The failure of Sonia Gandhi

Sonia's minist­ers made wrong calls, showin­g opposi­tion, media, people that there would be no acknow­ledgme­nt of errors.

Waris Husain

Internet Republic of Pakistan under threat

Govt should­n't infrin­ge on privac­y for intern­et users via electr­onic survei­llance just to catch a few ‘villai­ns’.


Flaws in foreign aid provision

Intern­ationa­l aid is, in effect, influe­nced more by vested intere­sts rather than genuin­e needs.

MF Chaudhri

Egypt: Tottering at the brink

By pushin­g the Brothe­rhood into a corner, the Egypti­an army is likely to force them to hit back.


It’s all about cost!

The fact is that milita­ries only back down once the cost of interv­ention far exceed­s the benefi­ts.

Mohammed Ibrahim Qazi

Misconceptions about the Jamaat

The Jamaat is a nation­al asset and every Pakist­ani is invite­d to unders­tand and suppor­t it.

Jim Yong Kim

In an unequal world, we need inclusive growth

We need to unite people around the world in a global moveme­nt to end povert­y.

Chris Cork

Road rage

Joined-up thinki­ng is clearl­y not part of the master plan when it comes to arteri­al infras­tructu­re in Bahawa­lpur.