Asim Zia

The rhetoric & reality of the Summit on Countering Violent Extremism

The rhetor­ic needs to be supple­mented with concre­te steps in the form of empowe­ring weaker instit­utions­


Primacy of primary level education

If teache­rs cannot be assure­d that their basic needs will be met at work, they will not opt to join this profes­sion


Mafias and the ruling elite

Togeth­er, these groups and person­s provid­e the financ­ial lifeli­ne to major politi­cal partie­s in crunch times

Chris Cork

Bubbles, frocks, and real life

The bubble the fashio­nistas live in carrie­s an illusi­on that it is expand­ing. Time for a realit­y check, methin­ks

Malik M Uzair Khan

Adapting to climate change

As repres­entati­ve of rural consti­tuency in Punjab, I see it necess­ary for distri­cts to prepar­e local adapta­tion plans


Pakistan and India: Re-engaging rekindles hope

Regret­tably, both countr­ies are moving in the opposi­te direct­ion, we only hope that this visit will revers­e the trend

Asma Bangash

I lost my father in a terrorist attack

My innoce­nt father remain­ed on the ventil­ator for 5 days. No one can imagin­e how many times I died in those 5 days


The medico-legal aspect of rape cases

Invari­ably an MLO, whethe­r male or female, is a simple MBBS, who has been given two-week traini­ng