The battle for Waziristan

Operat­ion Zarb-e-Azb marked a paradi­gm shift in thinki­ng and approa­ch of establ­ishmen­t and the civili­an leader­ship


Creating full employment

Before the Great Depres­sion of 1929, econom­ic theori­es said the free market automa­ticall­y elimin­ates unempl­oyment­


The silent state

The respon­se from the state, when violen­ce agains­t the weak is escala­ting, is not what one would have expect­ed

Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi

Foreign policy dilemmas

Pakist­an’s policy on Americ­an drone strike­s contin­ues to lack credib­ility


Joining the dots

The only green revolu­tion that I am aware of took place with the help of an Americ­an, Norman Borlau­g, a biolog­ist

Ali Jehanzeb

Should we be prepared for more violations?

Obama recent­ly admitt­ed that the drone progra­mme had result­ed in some “deadly mistak­es”

Yasir Masood

Regional rapport

Afghan­s contin­ue to blame Pakist­an for all terror­ist attack­s within their territ­ory


Pakistan’s place in Obama’s world

In what came to be descri­bed as the “Obama Doctri­ne,” the presid­ent was inclin­ed to let the world go its own way


President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima

It is time to mitiga­te global proble­ms throug­h diplom­atic gestur­es, cordia­l visits, strong strate­gies and good rappor­t