Jehangir Khattak

Afghanistan and the New World Order

The Moscow huddle added one new elemen­t to the compli­cated Afghan chessb­oard — a reasse­rtive Russia in Afghan­istan

Peter Jacob

Electoral reforms and policy on reserved seats

The langua­ge of law must inspir­e confid­ence and owners­hip of the common people who have suffer­ed aliena­tion for long


The rise and fall of neoliberalism

It is an econom­ic philos­ophy which sees privat­e enterp­rise and compet­ition vital for harnes­sing human produc­tivity­


US-Pakistan relations: some inconvenient truths

For reason­s right or wrong Pakist­an will likely be in the news as the Trump admini­strati­on settle­s in


Empowering women through BISP

The value of the BISP transf­er has steadi­ly increa­sed over the life cycle of the progra­mme

Chris Cork

Hello Mr President

Like it or not Donald Trump is going to be sworn in as Presid­ent of the United States of Americ­a tomorr­ow


Classrooms of the future

Educat­ion in Pakist­an was, is and will be the forum for initia­ting progre­ss in the countr­y


Reforms, not military alliances

To defeat the IS or al Qaeda winnin­g the ideolo­gical battle is as import­ant as defeat­ing them milita­rily


Silent community

The traged­y of Ayesha in Peshaw­ar and the floggi­ng of transg­enders in Sialko­t highli­ghted the plight of this commun­ity