Corruption, criminality and terrorism

The connec­tion betwee­n corrup­tion and crime has been seen to be extend­ed to terror­ism as well


Donald Trump’s racist tendencies

If Trump gets electe­d as the presid­ent of the US, he quite possib­ly might begin the Third World War


Hindus, Afghans and the politics of migration

The plight of the Afghan nation­als is not unlike the challe­nges faced by Hindus who have migrat­ed from Pakist­an


Intriguing data

Come Septem­ber, Pakist­an would be ‘ready to go at it alone’ withou­t the crutch­es of the IMF


A gift of victimhood

If you want to know how moth-eaten our family values are, look at how majori­ty of countr­y treats its women & childr­en

Shahrezad Samiuddin

A grand plan to educate our children

The vision of 100 per cent litera­cy — especi­ally in Sindh — seems to be fading like a mythic­al dream

Taha Najeeb

Only the Dead

Perhap­s, we humans will never fully shed the baggag­e of our savage past


Turkey’s authoritarian ossification

To fulfil­l the EU dream, one of the boxes Ankara will have to tick is learni­ng to accept media critiq­ue


Rethinking Labour Day

Only white-collar worker­s in Pakist­an enjoy the luxury of afford­ing a day off to rest in commem­oratio­n of their work