The need for retirement in politics

Retire­ment is a necess­ity in our countr­y’s politi­cs


What does it take to make a social state?

Rich countr­ies tend to use the less develo­ped ones as a lab of experi­mentat­ion

Ali Sahin

The Gulenist threat

I did not break with Pakist­an even after I return­ed to Turkey. Pakist­an was where I studie­d and lived for many years


Bilawal must live up to committments

It was a breath of fresh air to read the statem­ent of Bilawa­l asking for advice on improv­ing perfor­mance of his party

Aisha Sarwari

Thank you, Qandeel

Qandee­l offend­ed the sensit­ivitie­s of men who believ­ed in oft-lived double life of cravin­g her while condem­ning her


GSP Plus and us

Pakist­an has not been able to take the expect­ed advant­age of the GSP Plus-provid­ed opport­unity due to many factor­s


Can we help Kashmir?

Jihadi groups and all those trying to gain public attent­ion are very critic­al of the govern­ment not taking action­

Sultan Mehmood

A cultural phenomenon

Honour is an illuso­ry concep­t, murder is real