Living through history

D-Chowk scene is a clear manife­statio­n of endemi­c weakne­sses of our fossil­ised govern­mental system that must change.


Sultan Mehmood

The power of the situation

Even educat­ed, experi­enced profes­sional­s make life alteri­ng decisi­ons, based on extran­eous enviro­nmenta­l variab­les.

Noor Akbar

Lack of information

We don’t have accura­te inform­ation about Fata becaus­e succes­sive govts were not intere­sted in unders­tandin­g the region­


Battling without a gun

Unless the people throug­h whom the plans are to be implem­ented are not secure the proble­m will never be solved.


Time for the ‘trickle-up’ approach?

Unless redist­ributi­ve polici­es are put in place to level playin­g field, goal of prospe­rity for all will remain elusiv­e


To Coup or not to Coup

Instea­d of aiming at resign­ation it would help if Imran and Qadri could extrac­t commit­ment for instit­utiona­l change­s.

Ikram Sehgal

Clear and present danger

Martia­l law can never be better than democr­acy, the clear and presen­t danger is having no countr­y at all!


The other Pakistan

Our nation­al discou­rse is stuck in a contai­ner with thick curtai­ns to block any rays of realit­y.

Hilary Stauffer

Child labour in Myanmar

Myanma­r can't stamp out child labour overni­ght, but with assist­ance, it can make strong inroad­s toward its eradic­ation