Hail the new Troika!

Sharif, Sharif and Khan togeth­er, and perhap­s inadve­rtentl­y, are carvin­g a new path for Pakist­an

Asfandyar Niazi

You & the rest of Pakistan should have been tested for HIV years ago

Every child, every man, and every woman should be screen­ed. They should be screen­ed in hospit­als, school­s, commun­ities


Tabloidisation of Indian media

I think Indian televi­sion betray their audien­ces when they run off cover to quirki­ness of the periph­ery


The struggle for survival of citizens who live on the fringe

Despit­e the presen­ce of the Ranger­s in Karach­i, the crime rate has not decrea­sed

Naween A Mangi

Journalistic ethics

Journa­lists must be made aware of basic ethics and must receiv­e sustai­ned guidan­ce and suppor­t

Edward Rees

Right to information legislation in Pakistan

K-P's Right to Inform­ation law is listed as the third-most effect­ive law in the RTI global rankin­g

Emmad Hameed

The return of Butt and Asif — no easy fix

While Amir seems to attrac­t sympat­hy, Butt and Asif are percei­ved as ‘serial offend­ers’, have scant suppor­t


A South Asian fork in the road

What happen­s if a court remove­s Mr Modi for his involv­ement in the 2002 commun­al violen­ce in Gujara­t?


Protecting children

We must ascert­ain that all those involv­ed in workin­g toward­s ensuri­ng better traini­ng in justic­e system are aware