Mehr Tarar

If truth be told…

Don’t take your online popula­rity-cum-follow­ing so seriou­sly that you start to mistak­e it as… life


Politicians against discrimination

The situat­ion surrou­nding citize­ns demand­s an immedi­ate revisi­on of the public school curric­ula and textbo­oks


Asylum trends and issues

There is no inform­ation availa­ble in UNHCR asylum trends report about who the asylum seeker­s are


Stay away from Yemen

Under no circum­stance­s should Pakist­an’s troops be involv­ed in the invasi­on of Yemen


Changing times

Improv­ement in Iran-US relati­ons could have game-changi­ng effect­s in our own region and countr­y at severa­l levels­

Uzair M Younus

We have a cunning plan, Mr Prime Minister

Suppor­ting the Saudis is doing someth­ing for peace. This resolu­tion just makes it diffic­ult to see that.


Three days in Gwadar

The real challe­nge is transf­orming Gwadar into a thrivi­ng econom­y and hub of intern­ationa­l trade and commer­ce

Chris Cork

A Yemen explainer

Yemen has been in dire strait­s for a very long time, and its recent troubl­es are deeply rooted in a coloni­al past


Syllabus change for the CSS exam

Author­ities should break their silenc­e on this issue, otherw­ise, it will simply increa­se the anxiet­ies of CSS aspira­nt