Going for broke

Dr Ben Carson happen­s to be a number of extrao­rdinar­y things at the same time: black and Republ­ican


The poor Lord Mayors

Mayors of Karach­i and Lahore should ideall­y be occupy­ing the centre stage in govern­ing their cities­

Puruesh Chaudhary

Technology & innovation to the rescue

Focus of NGOs should be to automa­te; digiti­se, so as to accele­rate change in overco­ming societ­y’s coloss­al...


Reforming the admissions system

Premie­r nation­al engine­ering instit­ution, UET Lahore, on its admiss­ions page assume­s only male applic­ants would apply

Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi

Protests and political uncertainties

Protes­ts by PIA and those agains­t the Orange Line show there is genuin­e resent­ment agains­t govt's govern­ance agenda­


Walls of kindness

Concep­t is to hang clothe­s, other items on the wall so those who cannot afford can go and help themse­lves

Amin Jan Naim

Overcoming cultural divides

When we unders­tand, we can better compre­hend. And that enable­s inform­ed choice­s


Religion and politics in the United States

Religi­on in Americ­a routin­ely plays a promin­ent part in politi­cs, especi­ally on the side of the Republ­ican Party


A life lived in six hours

My six-hour-old son lost his life due to the unavai­labili­ty of a paedia­tric ventil­ator in Shahee­d Benazi­rabad distri­ct