An ode to fury

Fury is a call to action agains­t all those who contin­ue to grow fat on our tax money while our kids die unmour­ned


Can changing one habit change our destiny?

Next time we’re standi­ng in a line, let’s see if we can wait patien­tly for our turn. Now that would be real revolu­tion


Child rights in Pakistan: An unfinished agenda

While provin­ces have enacte­d laws, polici­es on improv­ing state of child rights, implem­entati­on remain­s a key concer­n

Anam Khan

The art of framing a story

Instea­d of air strike­s, US forces and coalit­ion allies should focus more on tactfu­lly stifli­ng the IS’s financ­es

Chris Cork

Stuck in the middle

By nation­al standa­rds, we have all the accout­rement­s of the middle class


How to improve Pakistan’s future prospects?

Seriou­s, sustai­ned effort­s in improv­ing educat­ion, develo­ping health, beatii­ng milita­ncy can impact Pakist­an's destin­y


From a free terror area to a free trade area

Pakist­an should accord differ­ential treatm­ent for Afghan­istan via longer negati­ve list, trade libera­lisati­on schedu­le


Walking away from brinkmanship

Keepin­g Imran Khan outsid­e parlia­ment will be more harmfu­l for the system than keepin­g him within parlia­ment