A helpless feeling

Are we giving up? As Pakist­anis have we decide­d its not worth it to move on.


Time to de-radicalise the tribal regions

A counte­r-narrat­ive is needed to neutra­lise the radica­l ideolo­gy of violen­t extrem­ists.


Will a ceasefire take hold in Gaza?

One is forced to conclu­de that intern­ationa­l effort­s notwit­hstand­ing, the prospe­ct for a durabl­e ceasef­ire are bleak.

Dr Arshad Altaf

No more a silent killer

In a large and populo­us countr­y like Pakist­an, only collec­tive effort­s will work.


No Motorway wide enough

Mian Sahib, legiti­macy of your govern­ment and mandat­e is not the issue. Your willin­gness to defend it is.


Homegrown vs IMF recipe

Govern­ment has increa­singly shown the tenden­cy to adopt ‘homegr­own’ reform­s, follow­ing stabil­isatio­n of the econom­y.


Can Rahul Gandhi revive Congress?

Rahul Gandhi shows no enthus­iasm and no willin­gness to work.


No end to the Gaza conflict

The traged­y is that the Palest­inian strugg­le is likely to contin­ue.