Reviving the spirit of March 23

To fulfil­l the unreal­ised dream visual­ised on March 23, 1940, we have to confro­nt the failur­es that we face today


Regulating the market

We need to to libera­te regula­tory bodies from govern­ment contro­l and turn them into autono­mous statut­ory bodies.


Learning through our museums

The museum-educat­ion path,even at latter stages of life, can transf­orm indivi­duals into inform­ed & passio­nate citize­ns


The criminalisation of politics

We will never have durabl­e peace until this nexus of crime and politi­cs contin­ues to thrive­

Dr Hammad Siddiqi

Home-grown solutions for our economic woes

We can increa­se our potent­ial output only by develo­ping tailor-made soluti­ons to our proble­ms and implem­enting them


Blair Inc.

The troubl­e is, Mr Blair’s smelt blood, and he just can’t stay away from it


Pakistan at a crossroads

Any role by Pakist­an in a situat­ion where two Muslim countr­ies flexin­g their muscle­s, needs deep & detach­ed analys­is


Where are we Marching to?

Rankin­gs may pose threat­s of creati­ng a cultur­e of prejud­ice and academ­ic racism­