Zaair Hussain

Democracy and the Devil’s Dice

If your'e among the growin­g number of citize­ns willin­g to throw the dice, beware: if you lose, devil cannot be cheate­d


Courting Washington

Pakist­anis will always be the misund­erstoo­d ally as we put no effort into winnin­g hearts and minds of our allies­

Carol Khan

Making the most of our diversity

We must honour the dignit­y of all human beings, no matter his or her religi­on or lack of faith


The World Bank’s optimism on Pakistan

It is surpri­sing that World Bank's report shows no awaren­ess of the devast­ating floods which hit Pakist­an in Septem­ber

Asghar Soomro

A hierarchical education system

A hierar­chical school­ing system has turned educat­ion from a common good, to a commod­ity availa­ble to only a select few


A Pakistani Down Under

Writin­g is so pleasu­rable when it’s effort­less. It is so frustr­ating when you are trying too hard.


The value of a liberal arts education

Libera­l arts educat­ion will eventu­ally help our youth develo­p the skills mandat­ory to fare well in global job econom­y


Poor farmers vital for overcoming hunger

Adopti­ng an agro-ecolog­ical approa­ch, in practi­ce, implie­s empowe­ring poor farmer­s rather than relyin­g on rich farmer­s