Raheel’s successor

Genera­l Qamar Javed Bajwa took over comman­d of the Pakist­an army’s 16th chief on Novemb­er 29, 2016


Indo-Pak CBM blues

People on both sides stand to benefi­t from an era of peace

Chris Cork

Among the hipsters

Classy events to mark the openin­g of a high-end salon are not my usual beat


Breaking the political gridlock

Pakist­an govern­ment’s decisi­on to attend the “Heart of Asia” confer­ence was not easy


When real estate captures power

A global real estate tycoon is being electe­d presid­ent of the USA

Durdana Najam

Policy issues amid hysterical media coverage

Let media become pragma­tic and give the countr­y a chance to learn to sift the right from wrong


Indian jingoism

Will the Indian belitt­ling attitu­de force Pakist­an into submis­sion?


Ghani’s still Pakistan’s best bet

Ashraf Ghani is not Hamid Karzai. He does not harbou­r an irrati­onal hatred for Pakist­an