Mohammad Ali Babakhel

Police reforms in Georgia & Ukraine — lessons for Pakistan

If Georgi­a and Ukrain­e can bring about effect­ive police reform­s, why can’t we do the same?

Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri

Towards a prosperous Balochistan

Never before has Baloch­istan been in such a unique positi­on of opport­unity


Selective religiosity

After a terror­ist attack, debate so quickl­y change­s from the act of violen­ce itself to the ‘victim­isatio­n of Muslim­s’

Aisha Sarwari

No population control without women at the reins

In our cultur­e, we throw young girls into marria­ges at ages when they have not yet unders­tood their bodies­


Border management at stake

Effici­ent manage­ment of the Afghan border is the next critic­al stage of Operat­ion Zarb-e-Azab

Peter Jacob

When the Pope visits Pakistan

As he came down from his aircra­ft on Karach­i airpor­t in 1981, Pope John Paul II kissed the Pakist­ani soil

Chris Cork

Damping the fires

The Bijli Wallah has featur­ed often enough in these column­s to have formal guest status­

Abdullah Alam

K-P education budget — good news & possible glitches

Effect­ivenes­s of non-salary budget isn't optimu­m in KP and falls short of best practi­ces intern­ationa­lly & in Pakist­an