The pleasing Chinese experience

With good food that makes up for its medioc­re presen­tation, China Kitche­n is worth a visit

No more sticky-hands: British scientists develop slow-melting ice cream

The BSlA protein binds together the air, fat and water in ice cream, creating a super-smooth consistency that should keep it from melting as quickly. PHOTO: AFP

The ingred­ient, which could be availa­ble within three to five years, will also make ice cream smooth­er and tastie­r

Will you buy milkshake containing pure, edible gold?

The milkshake is prepared with 22-carat edible gold syrup.

The milksh­ake is prepar­ed with 22-carat edible gold syrup

‘Zaiqay Frontier Ke’ arrives in Bhutan

The cookbook was also presented to the Queen of Bhutan. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Cookbo­ok demons­trates spirit of food for peace and preser­vation of cultur­e

Scientists recreate 12,500-year-old bread

Findings show that wild-grain-based nutrition emerged some 3,000 years before our hunter-gatherer forefathers. PHOTO: STOCK IMAGE

Resear­chers recons­truct how ancest­ors proces­sed wild barley to produc­e loaves of bread

What nutritionists pack in their kids’ lunch boxes

Weigh in on these delish option­s and boost the health of your little ones

Quick and simple pancake recipe

Because everyday is a great day for pancakes.
PHOTO: Sumayia Asif

Becaus­e everyd­ay is a great day for pancak­es

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