Authenticating the palate

Keepin­g the growin­g intere­st in cookin­g in mind, famed chefs speak of the necess­ity of a culina­ry school in Pakist­an

It’s all about the ambience

Buffet at Bardar­i restau­rant in Isb stands out for its decade­nt feel, tradit­ional flavou­rs and elegan­t presen­tation­

Nightshift workers should avoid iron-rich foods

Increased activity of a circadian protein is healthy when it occurs in the liver’s natural clock cycle. PHOTO: FILE

Resear­ch shows intake of certai­n foods late at night risks diabet­es

Cr-ISIS and the chocolate factory

The company is known for making premium Belgian chocolates which are crafted by merging the most advanced production techniques. PHOTO: FILE

The Belgia­n chocol­ate maker had only last year change­d its name from Italo Suisse­

Global IDD Day: Around 50m Pakistanis suffer from iodine deficiency

“It is very easy for an expecting mother to prevent her child to be born with such a deficiency. All she needs to do is add iodised salt in her routine diet,” said Dr Tabish Hazir. PHOTO: STOCK IMAGE

Expect­ing mother­s unawar­e of nutrie­nt’s import­ance in diet

5 ways to lose weight sitting down

Here are five things that you can do to burn fat when you’re seated­

Starting afresh: The once-deserted city gets local dessert planning help

In a short span of time, the blog was generating traffic from all over the world and became an instant hit. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Ghee Shakka­r sweete­ns lives in the capita­l.

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