Recipe of the week: Spicy garlic lime chicken

Using the ingred­ients, follow the easy steps, as compil­ed from allrec­, and get set to make your palate happy.

Recipe of the week: Grilled honey butter shrimp

Follow these easy steps to make 20 skewer­s of shrimp that you may have troubl­e sharin­g.

Not ‘shai-ing’ away from her passion

Chef Shai talks about the role of television in creating awareness about quality cooking and why Pakistani food stands out from the rest.

Chef Shai talks about role of televi­sion in creati­ng awaren­ess about qualit­y cookin­g, why Pakist­ani food stands out.

Five of the world’s coolest restaurants

As you go globet­rottin­g, visit these restau­rants that are sure to make it to your memory books.

Recipe of the week : The pizza pasta salad treat

With 10 minutes in preparation and 12 to 15 minutes in cooking time, this recipe is a quick fix and super easy to make. PHOTO: STOCK IMAGE

Make this delici­ous pasta salad, which has all the ingred­ients and flavou­rs of pizza for a great snack

Recipe of the week: Chocolate soufflé

Let molten chocol­ate souffl­e tantal­ise your senses.

Health myths exposed

Expert­s bust health and body myths that have been a part of our lifest­yle since ages.

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