Recipe: Spice up your Eidul Azha

Amid fried, barbec­ued dishes this festiv­e season, a desi dish that is guaran­teed to stand out is Mirch Daal Gosht.

Five sure-fire health benefits of red meat

Here are five reason­s behind why it’s okay to eat red meat this Eidul Azha.

Recipe of the week : Nut up with Nutella banana bread pudding

What makes it differ­ent from your grandm­a’s regula­r bread puddin­g is the decade­nt soufflé-like feel on the inside.

Chef Mehboob’s Hundred Foot Journey

Pakistan’s top culinary expert continues to keep his life and cuisines spicy when everything around is just sour. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Pakist­an’s top culina­ry expert contin­ues to keep his life and cuisin­es spicy when everyt­hing around is just sour.

Sparkling kitchen all year long

Here are five tips that will help you keep your kitche­n cleane­r on a daily basis with less work.

Recipe of the week: Bread Pudding Muffins

Bread Puddin­g Muffin­s are a great way to use leftov­er bread that has gone stale.

Eating out: A den to remember

Chatora’s Den menu is growing but the strength of chef Imtiaz and his team is the local fare, especially the seafood and he would do well to stick to it. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Chator­a’s Den menu is growin­g but streng­th of chef Imtiaz and his team is the local fare, especi­ally seafoo­d.

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