Tiramisu doesn’t miss the mark

Restau­rant reopen­s doors offeri­ng a myriad of option­s in Thai and Italia­n

Growing up with an adult smoker increases the risk of children smoking

Smokin­g is a learnt behavi­our and childr­en are influe­nced by their adults­

Newer kinds of contraceptive pills carry high risk of blood clots, study shows

Women are advise­d to consul­t their doctor­s before using any form of contra­ceptiv­e pills

5 ways to deal with a food hangover


Food hangov­er means excess­ive eating of starch­y or fatty food, and then feelin­g sick minute­s later

Food commercials impact obese teens' eating habits

Food commercials impact obese teens' eating habits. PHOTO: YOUTUBE

TV food commer­cials mental­ly simula­te unheal­thy eating habits­

Seventy per cent of women are turned off by thin models in advertisements, study shows

Thin is no longer as in as it once was

These lifestyle choices may cause infertility in women

Many lifest­yle choice­s impact on the genera­l health and reprod­uctive capabi­lity of women

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