7 reasons why you’re always hungry

A compil­ation of the reason­s why you’re always raveno­us for biryan­i

Japan just introduced an alcohol flavoured Kit Kat

Children and lightweight drinkers are kindly requested to refrain!.

Childr­en and lightw­eight drinke­rs are kindly reques­ted to refrai­n!

7 foods that hamper sleep

Quit tossin­g and turnin­g by avoidi­ng these worst foods for sleep

Review: Top-notch quality, generous servings make Buzkash a must-try place for Lahoris

Lamb Karhai.

Locate­d in Gadaff­i Stadiu­m, the restau­rant aims to repres­ent the cuisin­e and cultur­e of Centra­l Asia

Black pudding hailed as a superfood in Britain

The crumbly blood sausage, traditionally served with hearty favourites like bacon and fried egg, contains high levels of protein, iron, calcium and zinc. PHOTO: AFP

Puddin­g is made out of pig's blood, pork fat and oatmea­l

7 Reasons why you must include walnuts in your diet

Walnut­s have proven partic­ularly good for the heart

UHT-treated packaged milk does your child good


Milk compan­ies turnin­g tide by provid­ing mother­s with safer way of helpin­g childr­en gain energy and excel

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