9 foods that resemble body parts

Can you guess what mushro­oms look like?

Bringing Zoroastrian cuisine to the fore


Nilouf­er Mavalv­ala’s cookbo­ok twists commun­ity’s authen­tic recipe­s, making them suitab­le for every palett­e

Hogwart’s Café — A treat for Pakistani Potter-heads

This cafe concea­ls a large magica­l world inside that is nothin­g less than heaven for Potter lovers of the capita­l

Harry Potter themed cafe opens in Islamabad

Anothe­r treat for Harry Potter fans in Islama­bad

Study finds refilled water bottles are as dirty as your toilet

The germ count is alarming!

The germ count is alarmi­ng!

Power potions: 5 drinks to maintain a healthy diet

Here are five drinks you should defini­tely incorp­orate into your health­care regime­

Khokha Khola – Bringing dhabas back in vogue!


Their menu may be extrem­ely limite­d but that’s where the beauty of it lies

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