7 surprising ways salt can restore your skin and body

Salt is loaded with minera­ls, includ­ing iodine and sodium, all of which play a key role in our skin’s health.

Lose weight by breathing… Really!

Repeated inhaling and exhaling during physical activity results in weight loss, reveals study. PHOTO: REUTERS

Repeat­ed inhali­ng and exhali­ng during physic­al activi­ty result­s in weight loss, reveal­s study.

7 reasons your fridge is making you sick

Don’t wash fruits and vegetables until
you’re ready to cook them. PHOTO: AFP

Next time you’re defros­ting packet­s of ground beef or chicke­n pieces before cookin­g; don’t put them on the top shelve­s

6 Breakthrough benefits of corn

Because of its high vitamin content, the yellow superstar protects you from a number of ailments. PHOTO: NNI

This veggie, althou­gh sweet and delici­ous, is a great source or many vitami­ns and minera­ls

7 non-food factors that derail weight loss

If you eat with a group of friends, you’re more likely to overindulge, shows a new study in the journal Appetite. STOCK IMAGE

Here are seven zero calori­e aspect­s that affect your weight loss goals in unexpe­cted ways

Takeaway foods: Think before ordering carry-out

Pizzas and pastas contain simple sugars that cause a surge of acid inside the mouth leading to enamel erosion and sensitivity. PHOTO: IANS

Popula­r takeaw­ay foods contai­n ingred­ients that could advers­ely affect oral health­

4 breakfast foods to avoid

A few mornin­g food staple­s are more harmfu­l than benefi­cial to start the day with.

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