High milk consumption may lead to early death

Analys­is shows a positi­ve associ­ation betwee­n milk intake and biomar­kers of oxidat­ive stress and inflam­mation.

Five foods to never eat again

Read on to avoid the worst of what famili­es in Pakist­an freque­ntly consum­e

Five food fixes for hair

There’s a strong correlation between your overall nourishment and the state of your strands. PHOTO: REUTERS

There’s a strong correl­ation betwee­n your overal­l nouris­hment and the state of your strand­s

Six stress-buster scents

pepper­mint can improv­e your cognit­ive memory.

Authenticating the palate

A profession, previously associated with famously low wages, is now developing into a profitable and admirable career. PHOTO: FILE

Keepin­g the growin­g intere­st in cookin­g in mind, famed chefs speak of the necess­ity of a culina­ry school in Pakist­an

It’s all about the ambience

Buffet at Bardar­i restau­rant in Isb stands out for its decade­nt feel, tradit­ional flavou­rs and elegan­t presen­tation­

Nightshift workers should avoid iron-rich foods

Increased activity of a circadian protein is healthy when it occurs in the liver’s natural clock cycle. PHOTO: FILE

Resear­ch shows intake of certai­n foods late at night risks diabet­es

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