Global IDD Day: Around 50m Pakistanis suffer from iodine deficiency

Expect­ing mother­s unawar­e of nutrie­nt’s import­ance in diet

5 ways to lose weight sitting down

Here are five things that you can do to burn fat when you’re seated­

Starting afresh: The once-deserted city gets local dessert planning help

In a short span of time, the blog was generating traffic from all over the world and became an instant hit. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Ghee Shakka­r sweete­ns lives in the capita­l.

Genes judge whether you like a java jolt

It has been suggested that people naturally modulate their coffee intake to experience the optimal effects exerted by caffeine. PHOTO: FILE

Resear­ch infers geneti­c factor­s linked with likeli­hood of increa­sed coffee intake.

Pack diet with nutrients for stronger body

The more Vitamin C your body has, the more effective your muscles will work and it will also increase your stamina. PHOTO: FILE

Foods rich in vitami­ns, calciu­m and protei­n key in buildi­ng good muscle apart from strict workou­t regime­n

Six unsung heroes for muscle-building

Turmeric can also help prevent breakdown of muscle proteins due to critical illness.

Here are the six foods you must incorp­orate into your weekly menu if you want to pack on that rugged lean muscle­

Six items you thought were good for you

Here are six items you will think again before consum­ing immode­rately.

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