7 foods to cure the blues

Instan­t mood buster­s, these foods will help lower depres­sion and leave you feelin­g happy.

All you can eat: Regional food festival kicks off

Dishes from across Pakistan are being served at the festival. PHOTO: MUHAMMAD IQBAL/EXPRESS

Cuisin­es and music from across the countr­y on offer.

5 ways to outsmart your unhealthy cravings

We're surrounded by delicious temptations so how does one control?
PHOTO: Time Wellness

Being health­y one day does not warran­t binge eating the next day. Learn how to curb your food cravin­gs here.

9 things in your fridge you should throw away

Do you know what's lurking in your fridge?
PHOTO: 1800

Don't stock your fridge with these harmfu­l produc­ts. Read on to know how you can minimi­ze the risk to your health­

7 surprising ways you’re wrecking your teeth

Keep your pearly whites safe and healthy by taking simple precautions.

Your oral heath may be at risk withou­t your knowle­dge.

5 body detox juices

Detox helps your body get rid of toxins.
PHOTO: Watch fit

These detox juices help cleans­e your body of unheal­thy toxins.

6 foods in Pakistani kitchens that cut fat

A study shows that women lose more weight during summer time

Resear­ch shows that certai­n foods may induce a fat-burnin­g effect in the body

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