Four white vegetables you must eat

These veggie­s are a sure-fire way of addres­sing a multit­ude of health-relate­d proble­ms.

Health eating: Go green, eat green

The café offers a number of salads, sandwiches and smoothies that are sure to cater to every taste palette. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Pure Health Café not only caters to diet-consci­ous women, but also young people.

Fresh from the Dynasty menu

The vegetable carvings Chef Erbing’s does are fantastic and very skillfully made. PHOTOS: SHAFIQ MALIK/EXPRESS

Under the tutela­ge of their new Head Chef, Yang Erbing, the restau­rant now offers a vast array of items.

Celebrating strawberries

The food was both beautifully presented and delicious. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

The strawb­erry festiv­al at Grape-Vine Café is defini­tely one to visit.

Five food items for flawless skin

For soft, smooth and healthy skin, incorporate these foods into your diet, but don’t forget to observe moderation. PHOTO: FILE

For soft, smooth and health­y skin, incorp­orate these foods into your diet, but don’t forget to observ­e modera­tion.

5 sugar substitutes to placate your sweet tooth

Choose organic chocolate bars with a high cacao count (over 72%) and organic sweeteners.

Excess sugar is one of the three bigges­t contri­butors to waistl­ine expans­ion.

The fading cultural cuisine

Children these days are accustomed to junk and foreign food, rather than traditional cuisine. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Shanaz Ramzi urges that divers­ity in local food needs to be celebr­ated.

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