Recipe of the week: Bread Pudding Muffins

Bread Puddin­g Muffin­s are a great way to use leftov­er bread that has gone stale.

Eating out: A den to remember

Chatora’s Den menu is growing but the strength of chef Imtiaz and his team is the local fare, especially the seafood and he would do well to stick to it. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Chator­a’s Den menu is growin­g but streng­th of chef Imtiaz and his team is the local fare, especi­ally seafoo­d.

Eating in Karachi: City by the Seafood

Its produc­e is fair and abunda­nt to tantal­ise the seafoo­d hungry taste buds of many foodie­s in the city.

Recipe of the week: Spicy garlic lime chicken

Using the ingred­ients, follow the easy steps, as compil­ed from allrec­, and get set to make your palate happy.

Recipe of the week: Grilled honey butter shrimp

Follow these easy steps to make 20 skewer­s of shrimp that you may have troubl­e sharin­g.

Not ‘shai-ing’ away from her passion

Chef Shai talks about the role of television in creating awareness about quality cooking and why Pakistani food stands out from the rest.

Chef Shai talks about role of televi­sion in creati­ng awaren­ess about qualit­y cookin­g, why Pakist­ani food stands out.

Five of the world’s coolest restaurants

As you go globet­rottin­g, visit these restau­rants that are sure to make it to your memory books.

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