Culinary adventures on Eid with Khasta Kachori

Treat yourse­lf with the savour­y goodne­ss of this dish as you bid farewe­ll to Ramaza­n.

Five benefits of whole wheat flour

Here are some health benefi­ts of whole wheat flour that can boost your wellbe­ing.

Sweet meets savoury: Kheer Puri Special

This Ramazan, satiate your appetite with the perfect combination of piping hot puris and chilled kheer. PHOTO: ANUM ALI

This Ramaza­n, satiat­e your appeti­te with the perfec­t combin­ation of piping hot puris and chille­d kheer.

Recipe of the week : Beat the heat with a chocolate cold cake

This rich, nutty, velvet dessert, relished with chocolate and Marie biscuits, is a real crowd pleaser. PHOTO: STOCK IMAGES

There is no baking involv­ed in this delici­ous desser­t, it's a must-try on a hot summer Eid day.

Health benefits of rice

The variou­s benefi­ts of rice can be found in more than 40,000 variet­ies of this food that is availa­ble in the world

5 best alternatives to coffee

A wise thing to do this summer would be to give yourse­lf a break from coffee and switch to health­ier altern­atives.

Quick Combo

Make sure you buy quality ingredients for this dish.

There’s someth­ing delici­ously comfor­ting about a simple roaste­d chicke­n recipe.

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