A cup of ‘azadi chai’ for your resignation

Gullu Butt Dhaba aims to cash in on the lighte­r side of the curren­t politi­cal turmoi­l in the countr­y.

5 ways to heal your heels

here is how you can say Adios to cracke­d feet and rock those stylis­h stilet­tos by week end.

Mustering up feasts for Karachiites

Zakir’s Cafe Czak currently offers à la carte dinners, featuring food from Mexican to Asian cuisines. PHOTO: FILE

Chef Zakir talks about his latest restau­rant Cafe Czak and why the city is a steppi­ng stone for the culina­ry indust­ry

Beefing up the burger

By 2015 Johnny Rockets plan to open five more outlets within the country. PHOTOS: AYESHA MIR/ EXPRESS

Offici­als at Johnny Rocket­s speak about their journe­y over the course of a year and expand­ing busine­ss in Pakist­an.

Nibbling healthy on the go

Make healthy choices on excursions by choosing nuts and dried fruit over candy bars. PHOTO: FILE

Mainta­ining a health­y lifest­yle while travel­ling can be simple if you plan ahead and choose your snacks wisely.

Best Haleem in town

*The ratings have been given on the following criteria: 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

The Expres­s Tribun­e takes a look at restau­rants that you can count on throug­hout the year to satisf­y your haleem-pangs

Take a sip at Juicy Gossip

The stylised interior packs in plethora of accessories, including the bright red painted bicycle. PHOTOS: HUMA CHOUDHARY

Izzah Ahmed talks about her cafe, which taps into the nascen­t market of health-consci­ous Islooi­tes.

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