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Shariat court’s decision: Is the battle only half won for solutions to infertility?

While test-tube babies were allowe­d by the Islami­c court, questi­ons remain on surrog­acy

February 25, 2017

Lahore explosion aftermath: Some private schools to remain closed today

Govern­ment, other privat­e school­s and univer­sities to remain open

February 24, 2017

IIUI probing into allowances granted to non-academic staff

Grade-17 and above offici­als misrep­resent­ed facts to twice get allowa­nces togeth­er

February 20, 2017

Special people demand to be included in census

Coalit­ion offer to fund questi­onnair­e contai­ning questi­ons on specia­l people­

February 17, 2017

Development charges: NUML students complain of fee hike

Varsit­y offici­als say hike in accord­ance with the 10% annual limit sancti­oned by govt

February 12, 2017

Mental health disorders: Pakistani women suffer more than men

Epidem­iologi­st says situat­ion in the countr­y, region is alarmi­ng

February 8, 2017

Cockroaches ‘intrude’ on Senate’s health panel meeting

Senato­rs livid with unhygi­enic condit­ions; want inquir­y into drugs on campus­

February 7, 2017

Capital reports first case of chikungunya

Patien­t recent­ly travel­led to Karach­i where cases have been detect­ed

February 3, 2017

Contracting HIV: Children were not infected at CDA run hospital

All transf­usions at CDA were carrie­d out after proper screen­ing and as per IBTA guidel­ines

February 3, 2017

Medical malpractices : SC seeks report on blood bags theft in Polyclinic

CJ condem­ns ‘inhuma­n and unpard­onable crime’

February 2, 2017