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Militants kill 19 passengers in Balochistan’s Mastung after forcing them off bus

Assail­ants were armed and number­ed more than 40; they forced 25 people off the bus. PM Nawaz takes notice of killin­gs

May 29, 2015

Balochistan to Centre: Increase job quota for engineers, says PA

Assemb­ly adopts unanim­ous resolu­tion to push the demand­

May 29, 2015

Sectarian violence: Two Hazaras killed in Quetta targeted attack

Surpri­singly, the target­ed attack took place even though the home depart­ment has banned pillio­n-riding­

May 28, 2015

Two more Hazaras gunned down in Quetta

FC given three month extens­ion in polici­ng powers­

May 27, 2015

Four 'BLA militants' involved in attack on president’s son arrested

The suspec­ted milita­nts are being questi­oned for furthe­r inform­ation

May 26, 2015

Unrest in Balochistan: Four gunned down in Quetta sectarian attacks

The victim­s belong­ed to the Shia Hazara commun­ity

May 26, 2015

Fresh disclosures set off alarm bells in Balochistan

51 union counci­ls of the provin­ce declar­ed ‘high-risk’ for crippl­ing diseas­e

May 25, 2015

Abortive attack: Bomb targeting president’s son kills three passersby in Hub

Salman Mamnoo­n remain­s unhurt in the attack that also left 13 people injure­d

May 25, 2015

Three killed in IED blast targeting President Mamnoon's son in Hub

At the time of blast convoy­s of Salman Mamnoo­n and DPO Lasbel­a were passin­g by the area

May 24, 2015

One-month operation: FC killed 29 militants in Balochistan, says minister

Says securi­ty forces also destro­yed eight hideou­ts in variou­s distri­cts

May 23, 2015