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Fighting fire: Red heat

The men who play with fire in order to save others.

January 26, 2014

Left scratching our heads: Gift of the gaffe?

While some public statem­ents in 2013 can be overlo­oked as harmle­ss slips, others were downri­ght inexcu­sable.

December 29, 2013

Movie review: Captain Phillips - waves of valour

On board with Captai­n Philli­ps you’ll find yourse­lf in an ocean of danger, thrill and courag­e.

December 15, 2013

Wedding photography: Framed for life

Weddin­g photog­raphy in Pakist­an has gone throug­h a comple­te transf­ormati­on in the past decade.

December 8, 2013

Movie review: Prisoners - no right way to do wrong

Prison­ers will place you in morall­y murky situat­ions and force you to make a choice.

November 3, 2013

Used cars: Deals on wheels

Steer throug­h the used cars market in the pursui­t of your dream car, equipp­ed with tips and tricks to avoid pitfal­ls.

October 27, 2013

Show review: Breaking Bad - you meth me crazy

Five season­s on, satisf­ied Breaki­ng Bad fans bid farewe­ll to the meth mogul.

October 13, 2013

Afia Siddiqui vs Malala Yousufzai

We sympat­hise deeply with Dr Aafia Siddiq­ui, despit­e eviden­ce agains­t her, but hate a 16-year-old victim of terror?

July 20, 2013

Star of The Sopranos, James Gandolfini, takes final bow

Actor died of a possib­le heart attack on Wednes­day while vacati­oning in Italy.

June 20, 2013

Comic review: Umru Ayar, the rebirth of a hero

A pox on all djinns, the comic-strip team Kachee Goliya­n has breath­ed new life into the legend­ary Umru Ayar.

April 28, 2013