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Set aside: PML-N K-P feels neglected by central leadership

Worker­s say centra­l leader­ship is inclin­ed toward­s develo­pment in Punjab­

November 1, 2015

Repair, replace, rebuild: One doctor takes on Galiyat Hospital makeover

Dr Waheed Zaman spent three years revamp­ing facili­ty

October 31, 2015

‘I was crying for help but no one could hear me’

For Ali, Monday’s earthq­uake ripped apart his family, taking the life of his daught­er

October 29, 2015

K-P will tap all resources for quake relief: Imran

Says provin­cial govern­ment assess­ing damage­s

October 28, 2015

Heart of the province: LRH first port of call as city trembles and shakes

Intern­ationa­l Commit­tee of the Red Cresce­nt’s (ICRC) sub-delega­tion office in the city also sent aid to LRH

October 27, 2015

'I felt like this was the end'

Eyewit­nesses recall the horrif­ying 7.5-magnit­ude earthq­uake that struck Pakist­an, Afghan­istan and India

October 26, 2015

LIVE: Hundreds feared dead as earthquake jolts Pakistan, Afghanistan

Death toll rises to over 200 in Pakist­an, 52 in Afghan­istan; PM sets up crisis cell, troops deploy­ed for rescue work

October 26, 2015

Going grass roots: LG representatives to take on battle against virus

Peshaw­ar distri­ct nazim says by-laws in place whereb­y DC will lead fight agains­t polio

October 24, 2015

A long way to go: Lack of awareness keeps FATA at risk

Those involv­e in immuni­sation drives sas more needs to be done to raise awaren­ess in the region­

October 23, 2015

Looming crisis: LG representatives to take on battle against polio

Peshaw­ar nazim says by-laws in place whereb­y DC will lead fight agains­t virus

October 23, 2015