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The corruption agenda: Javed Naseem to ‘continue Imran’s mission as independent MPA’

Lawmak­er’s PTI member­ship was suspen­ded after he failed to respon­d to a show-cause notice.

October 26, 2014

Sticking together: Disgruntled PTI MPAs lobby for deputy speaker’s post

Have report­edly agreed to suppor­t Zahid Durran­i for the seat.

October 25, 2014

Violence on campus: Clash leaves student ‘clinically dead’

Univer­sity of Agricu­lture shutdo­wn for indefi­nite period­

October 21, 2014

Operation Khyber-1: Officials fear blowback in K-P

Securi­ty put on high alert ahead of influx of tribes­men

October 18, 2014

Two many cooks: With just a pair of officials, HRD provides speedy justice

Direct­or urges establ­ishmen­t of office­s in all distri­cts and launch­ing of awaren­ess campai­gns

October 16, 2014

Life in the mountains: Ajmal Khan’s time with the Taliban

Profes­sor shares why he was possib­ly kidnap­ped and what led to his releas­e

October 15, 2014

Where no man has gone before: Women mediators resolving years-long disputes

DRC commit­tees swampe­d with cases as more people turn to them

October 14, 2014

In deep water: Durrani raises concern over K-P’s governance

PTI MPA says he has lost trust in the ruling party after it failed to follow manife­sto.

October 12, 2014

Security threats: Night operations suspended at BKIA

Flight­s will resume once securi­ty arrang­ements are improv­ed

October 10, 2014

BKIA in the lens: CAA, PIA, police reject reports of attack on aircraft

Examin­ation of the plane, pilot’s statem­ent both negate any assaul­t

October 9, 2014