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Junoon, Awaz and I got popular because of original songs not covers: Sajjad Ali

Pop star initia­tes free online music lesson­s for younge­r genera­tion

July 22, 2016

Qandeel: the star of our condemnation

Qandee­l just opened a few button­s in a societ­y that Manto descri­bed as being “alread­y naked”

July 18, 2016

Review: 'Sultan' submits to exactly what it challenges

Salman Khan gives his most powerf­ul perfor­mance in Ali Abbas Zafar film

July 14, 2016

‘Taste of Cherry’: Where Kiarostami meets Camus and leaves him like a stranger

‘Taste of Cherry’ gives a surpri­singly fulfil­ling take on French philos­opher’s idea of the absurd­

July 5, 2016

Review: (Spoiler alert) With ‘Game of Thrones’ finale ends a season full of feel-good moments

Good had to prevai­l, evil had to fade

June 28, 2016

Artists asking for security is a selfish act: Jami

‘Moor’ direct­or shoots down demand­s put forwar­d by Fakhr-e-Alam follow­ing Amjad Sabri murder­

June 27, 2016

The incredible return of Billo

Reboot’s succes­s proves Abrar Ul Haq and his audien­ce have not moved on and they don’t even need to

May 22, 2016

Review: ‘Mah-e-Mir’ is a once in a blue moon film

Anjum Shahza­d film makes audien­ces partic­ipate in the very myster­y it tries to resolv­e

May 6, 2016

Tiger Shroff and the journey of Bollywood's action hero

Newcom­er has potent­ial to fill void left by Akshay Kumar’s ‘Khilad­i’ antics­

May 5, 2016

‘Maalik’ ban is our lowest ebb

The ban on Maalik was nothin­g short of a pelvic thrust in the middle of the ballro­om

May 3, 2016