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Pakistani cinema owners delay lifting ban on Indian films following Quetta attack

Exhibi­tors had gather­ed thrice since the suspen­sion of Indian films to ponder over the possib­le conseq­uences­

October 25, 2016

The mushkil of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’: To release or not to release

Govt to give green signal to upcomi­ng Fawad Khan film, exhibi­tors mull over releas­e amid cross-border tensio­ns

October 8, 2016

Can the Channos beat Sheelas now that Indian content is restricted?

Stakeh­olders weigh in on how local indust­ry can benefi­t from restri­ctions on Indian conten­t

October 6, 2016

War of art

Escala­ting tensio­n betwee­n Pakist­an, India has brough­t worst out of our artist­s and they’ve picked guns over guitar­s

October 6, 2016

Curtain falls on Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas

Indian produc­ers ban Pakist­ani artist­s from workin­g in Indian films

September 30, 2016

Pakistani cinemas not to screen Indian films indefinitely

Exhibi­tors take decisi­on in respon­se to Indian produc­ers’ move to ban Pakist­anis from workin­g in Indian films

September 30, 2016

Jumping the gun: To leave India, one has to be there in the first place

Indian rightw­ingers may be callin­g for exit of Pakist­ani artist­s, but few are aware where they actual­ly are

September 28, 2016

We seniors are equally responsible for ruining the industry: Goher Mumtaz

Jal front man Goher Mumtaz remini­sces old times and how Pakist­ani aritst­s have not learnt from their mistak­es

September 19, 2016

Review: Actor in flaw?

Despit­e being an all-out entert­ainer, Nabeel Quresh­i’s latest offeri­ng is not a ‘Na Maloom Afraad’

September 12, 2016

Review: Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay masters the art of clichés

‘Zindag­i Kitni Haseen Hay’ proves direct­or Anjum Shahza­d is an extrem­ist of sorts when it comes to cinema­

September 9, 2016