Amir should not be brought back for national duty, Inzamam tells PCB

Published: November 25, 2015
Muhammad Amir is currently playing for Chittagong Vikings in BPL. PHOTO: AFP

Muhammad Amir is currently playing for Chittagong Vikings in BPL. PHOTO: AFP

Former Pakistan captain Inzamaul Haq advised Pakistan Cricket Board against including left-arm pacer Muhammad Amir in the national team saying that the dressing room environment will be disturbed.

Following Amir’s exceptional performance in the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League for Chittagong Vikings, a debate has been sparked on whether the pacer will be brought back for national duty or not.

Amir in Bangladesh on redemption road

“I don’t think it would be a good idea to allow either Aamir or the two other players involved in the spot-fixing scandal back into the Pakistan team,” said Inzamam.

“I just feel that if Aamir is selected again for the national team it will divert the focus of the other players away from cricket and there will be added pressure on them and Aamir,” he added.

Former Pakistan captain went on to say, “I know from experience that if Aamir is selected in the Pakistan team and when it goes to England, Australia or even India the media will just focus on him and it will mean problems in the dressing room.”

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Inzamam, who has played 120 tests and 398 one-day internationals for Pakistan, claimed that there was nothing personal in his demand but the PCB should have an independent policy on tainted players different from the International Cricket Council (ICC).

“The PCB needs to be clear in its stance on players who have been involved in corruption and tarnishing the image of the country. Because playing for the national team is the highest honour for any athlete,” said Inzamam.

Inzamam further said that it will not be easy for Amir also to make a return and not face pressure and problems.

“I can imagine the questions that would be asked if Pakistan lost a close match or if he couldn’t perform at the right time. I can imagine the taunts from the crowd and all these things will only divert the attention of the team away from cricket,” Inzamam added.

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Amir’s BPL duty is the first time after the five-year ban that he has played outside Pakistan’s domestic structure. His domestic heroics were the reason that he was brought in to bowl outside the usual draft of players.

Pakistani veterans and stalwarts are divided on allowing Amir back into the national team but the left-armer has been making a strong case for himself with the ball lately.

The article originally appeared on One India.

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Reader Comments (5)

  • PakSal
    Nov 26, 2015 - 3:54AM

    People are representing country and they should do what they are required as professionals. There will be extra media attention once and then business as usual … this is the guy which will stay for Pakistan for cause for years to come and at present frankly we don’t have Akram-Waqar type talented pacer. Media attention for a series or two is no biggy. As far as KP is concerned, he can talk using his bat but whenever he has communicated thru other means its not gone down that well for him so I suggest to listen to sane voices like Misbah and the great IK instead of Maulvi Inzamam.Recommend

  • Waqar Hassan Butt
    Dec 2, 2015 - 10:39PM

    There is no harm in selecting Amir in the National Team, as he has already served the lengthy ban and he deserve to get a chance. I have great respect for Inzamam, but he must not give statements like the one he gave about Amir.Recommend

  • zaffar
    Dec 3, 2015 - 2:21AM

    whats wrong with Pakistanis? Amir is not the only person who has faulted in Pakistan.He has atleast done his time,but how many corrupted politicans have been behind bars? Amir deserves another chance.People should give him one.Recommend

  • Abbassin
    Dec 3, 2015 - 4:44AM

    To err is human-to forgive,humane. He has paid his dues to the society, and has every right to redemption. No doubt there will be lots of pressure on him from the media, fellow players and the fans, but with the right determination, and support from his mentors, family and the PCB. management, he would succeed. And at the end of the day, one hopes that his exceptional talent rubs off on some of the fellow players, which will indeed be a good thing for Pakistan cricket.Recommend

  • a cricket fan
    Dec 3, 2015 - 10:32AM

    I guess the Perfect Mr Inzamam has never done anything wrong in his life which gives him the right to dictate other people’s future even if they paid their dues for their crime…..Allah forgives but some people cant forgive…. i wonder why and the real motive behind it…… sad very sad.. what a waste of talent for Pakistan…… Recommend

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