Iran threatens Arabs as much as Islamic State, says Bahrain

Bahrain's Foreign Minister said 'Iranian support for subversion in Arab states is as big a threat to the region'

Reuters October 31, 2015
Bahrain's Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa. PHOTO: REUTERS

MANAMA: Iranian support for subversion in Arab states is as big a threat to the region as the Islamic State militant group, Bahrain's Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said on Saturday at a security conference in Manama.

Iran quashes talk of undermining Gwadar port

"These actions are no less a threat to us than Daesh," he said, using the Arabic acronym for the militant group and accusing Iran of smuggling arms into Bahrain.

Iran backs six-month Syria "transition" ahead of peace talks

He added that the Houthi militia in Yemen, which Gulf states are fighting and accuse of being a proxy for Iran, which the group Tehran both deny, can have a future in the country so long as it disarms and participates in a political solution.


S.R.H. Hashmi | 6 years ago | Reply Considering the fact that these were Arab states which had aided, abetted and paid Saddam Hussain to invade Iran, I would say that these are Arabs who are a threat to Iran, and not as claimed by Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa. And come to think of it, even Islamic State militant group has within its fold substantial numbers of former Sunni officers from Saddam Hussain’s army disbanded by the US and its allies, as well as militants financed by Sunni states to bring down Bashar al Assad’s government in Syria. So, when it comes to playing destructive roles, Sunnis are more to blame than Shias, and I say this as a Sunni Muslim. I think it is time for Sunnis and Shias to stop seeing each other as rivals and enemies and to join hands against the forces which are a big threat to both of them, like Islamic State for example. And while Sunnis have dozens of states, they should not begrudge Shias having a couple of states or so. The nuclear agreement has relieved Iran of a lot of pressure, and it is there to stay in a big way. It is therefore better to acknowledge and accept the position of Iran instead of making unsuccessful attempts to bring it down, and thereby create animosity which forces Iran to take retaliatory steps in order to defend and consolidate its position, which Arabs see as a threat to them. I think we will all do well to live in an atmosphere of peace and goodwill, instead of the present state of suspicion and aggression. We can be Shia or Sunni Muslims or even belong to other religions or non-religious groups, but still we should be able to live in peace together because the world is large enough to accommodate us all and there is no need to fight each other like dogs or worse. I hope good sense prevails. Karachi
ABC | 6 years ago | Reply The real headline should have been Iran threatens Arabs as much as Islamic State, says Saudi installed government of Bahrain
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