Altaf announces protests against Rangers' ‘atrocities’

Demands that Sindh's chief minister, parliamentarians introduce bill to end Rangers' deployment in the province

Our Correspondent July 07, 2015
Chief of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain. PHOTO: APP

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Tuesday announced that his party will stage a sit-in outside Sindh chief minister's house to protest ‘atrocities’ committed by the Rangers against his party.

Addressing office-bearers of the MQM, the party chief said that the date for the sit-in against atrocities, extra-judicial killings and torture of their workers by the Rangers would be announced by the Rabita Committee later.

Altaf also demanded that Sindh's chief minister and its parliamentarians introduce a bill bringing to an end the Rangers' deployment in the province.

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“If Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah and other parliamentarians consider the province as their dharti maa, they should pass the bill of not wanting the Rangers anymore.”

Referring to a recent press release issued by the paramilitary force, which accused the party’s organisational committee of providing militant training to its workers, unit and sector incharges and that they would arrest them, Altaf said the Karachi Tanzeemi Committee (KTC) had been dissolved months ago and was no longer functional.

He lamented that neither the chief minister, nor the judiciary had taken any notice of the Rangers’ allegations, adding that if the courts were independent, action would have been taken against the paramilitary force for arresting men illegally.

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Further criticising Rangers, the MQM chief said they should be sent to Kashmir to 'liberate' the disputed region.

“We don’t need motorways and big development projects. We want Kashmir to be liberated. Rangers should be sent to liberate Kashmir,” he said.

Altaf also warned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif against giving additional powers to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), claiming that such a move could come back to hurt the premier himself.

“We had opposed setting up of special courts in the past by Nawaz Sharif...told him they would be used against him but he did not listen,” he said. “It was one of the special courts that passed a sentence against him.”


Khalid Khan | 8 years ago | Reply If the establishment and armed forces behave in discrminting against the urdu speaking people of Karachi torture them killing them extrajudicialy calling traitors abusing them verbally mentally and injured them bodily and leave no room for them then the retaliation will be there. Paklstan army And its other branches has done too many atrocities in baluchistan sindh and in bengla desh former East pakistan. The establishment and army should rethink their strategy trying to bring PTI play boy imran khan who is a master lier and has no intellects Will only cause chios. The Rangers are the most corrupt force in Karachi involved in killing and taking bribe by terrorising innocent people threatning them to extort money or will arrest them in false alligations .
Hasan Askari | 8 years ago | Reply @SK: This is dynamics of politics and a big city. You reap what you saw It was a party which came into being because of injustice, discrimination as educated people of the city were discarded for favorism, quotas etc. Conspiracies were hatched to take weaken the city by bringing in refugees and creating fights. There was once punjabi pakhtoon itehad which use to kill people in Karachi. Then establishment killed thousands. They labelled good people as traitors. Agencies and police are the number one in extra judicial killings. Pakhtoons killed many. In this situation people reacted and it is natural. Is it a reaction to injustice and killing of non-karachites by people trying to conquer it. They never treated karachi as their own. They want money and power there. When you can talk to TTP why cant you talk to parties in Karachi and make this aplotical However media trial and promotion of imran khan etc clearly shows that this is a new conspiracy to weaken urdu speakers who are united under MQM. Once you stop your dirty games...things will be fine. Just like what happened under Musharraf. However it is possible establishment want to maintain this chaos as it benefits them
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