5 beauty tips for college students

With summer semester having started, here are a few makeup tips to help you look good on a limited budget

Entertainment Desk June 20, 2015
With summer semester having started, here are a few makeup tips to help you look good on a limited budget. Photo: myaperturelabs

For all of you taking summer classes this semester. Of course, you will want to look your best, however, limited pocket money will might make it difficult for you to invest in make-up items. These tips will help you look stunning for your college days. 

1. Cosmetics tricks and tips 


There are innumerable ways to make your makeup products last longer. If your mascara is running low, squeeze a few eye drops in the bottle to make it last longer. Another great idea is investing in 2-in-1 beauty products like a stain that can be used as a lip colour and also as a cheek stain.

2. White liner for sleepy eyes 


If you are the studious student that studies all night or the type that parties all night, there will be days when your eyes will look tired or sleep-deprived. To battle this, apply a white or nude colour liner to your waterline to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

3. Share products with a roomie 


If you're living in hostel then the best solution is to jointly invest in make-up products with your roommate that you may not require daily. For instance, one of you can buy a red lipstick, and the other a pink one. And you can both use these products.

4. Buy only the essentials 


You don't need to buy all kinds of cosmetics to do your makeup. For example, you don't have to buy a primer, setting powder, makeup setting spray etc. Just spend money on basics like lipstick/gloss, eyeliner, foundation and blush. This way you will end up saving a bit of your pocket money.

5. Jelly + perfume = long-lasting fragrance 


You don't need to keep spraying your expensive perfume throughout the day. If your fragrance isn't strong enough, then apply petroleum jelly on your wrists and then spray the perfume on top. This will retain the fragrance for longer.
This article originally appeared in Times of India


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Ch. Allah Daad | 5 years ago | Reply You are in college for education, not for beauty contest. Concentrate on studies and avoid attracting boys and competition with other girls.
Mrs Juicy Gossips | 5 years ago | Reply @Pakistani: Real 'beauties' don't need makeup. And those that need it, it doesn't help all that much anyways. Best hide under a burqa.
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