Another Hindu girl kidnapped

Published: December 15, 2010
Four-year-old Roshni went missing on Monday night.

Four-year-old Roshni went missing on Monday night.

SUKKUR: Four-year-old Roshni was kidnapped on Monday night from the main bazaar of Buxapur town, Kashmore.

Roshni, the daughter of Jay Pal Das, a resident of the Hindu Mohallah, had gone to buy sweets from a nearby shop. When she did not return from the shop, her family started to worry.  Her father and uncle first checked with their relatives and then reported her as missing to the police.

Sham Lal, Roshni’s uncle, told The Express Tribune over the telephone that his elder brother, Jay, runs a cold drink stand in the bazaar and his younger daughter, Roshni, had just gone to buy some sweets. When they went to the shop, the shopkeeper told them that Roshni had bought the sweets and left for home.

“Somebody found her sandals, which confirmed our fears that she has been kidnapped,” said Sham.

He said MPA Ghalib Hussain Domki met them and assured them that the girl would be found soon.

“We’re Hindus without political or tribal backing so we are totally dependent on Domki for help,” Sham said.

The MPA told The Express Tribune that Buxapur is his native town. The incident of kidnapping in this particular area was the first of its kind in the last 30 to 35 years.

He was of the view that his enemies were behind the kidnapping because they wanted to defame him. “Otherwise my town is very peaceful,” he added.Domki said that most members of his tribe are educated and either working in government departments or running their own businesses.

Earlier some of his clansmen had been involved in crimes but he took steps against them and they were handed over to the police. They served out jail sentences and after coming back home, they too are living peacefully and obeying the law.

Buxapur is a tribal area and is just three kilometres away from Balochistan, which is why the law and order situation in Kashmore district was deteriorating, believed Domki. He said that the DIG Larkana also visited Buxapur on Tuesday afternoon and met with Roshni’s father. They are both hopeful that the girl will be found and have assured the family of using all available resources to find the child.

The Hindu community, particularly in Kashmore, has been targeted by kidnapping for ransom gangs.

Recently, a three-year-old girl, Anchal, was kidnapped from outside a Hindu temple. She was found by the police a few days later and safely reunited with her family.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 15th, 2010.

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