US police shoot dead Muslim student 'high on magic mushrooms'

Police said Feras Morad had been acting 'threateningly', while eye-witnesses said the student reacted badly to a...

Web Desk June 03, 2015

Police in the United States shot dead a 20-year-old Muslim student for 'threatening behaviour', which, according to his friends, was just a bad reaction to drugs.

Witnesses said Feras Morad, 20, had reportedly taken magic mushrooms for the first time at a party in Long Beach, California, and appeared to be walking around like a 'bird with a broken wing'.

According to a witness account, Morad became confused and unresponsive and was “asking friend what he was doing” after which he jumped through a second-storey window.

Morad received a ‘deep gash’ from going through the glass and hitting the concrete below, following which his friends called in the police.


Upon their arrival, the young Muslim boy was tasered and subsequently shot dead by the officers.

The family of the boy confirmed that they received the news over Facebook due to the failure of the police, hospital and LA county coroner's office to inform them.

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Police said that the student had been acting ‘threateningly’ and refused to comply with officers, who then utilised “an electronic control device, an impact weapon and physical force to gain compliance,” according to a statement.


The police statement, however, became questionable as testimonies were posted online disputing the police version of the story.

A statement posted on the Justice4Feras Facebook page says he was “shirtless, without any weapon, bleeding from multiple wounds, and possibly suffering head trauma from the fall when officers made their demands”.

It further added that he did not physically swing, attack, or verbally indicate aggression toward the police officer or anyone else but was unable to comply because he was confused and injured “like a bird with a broken wing hobbling around in the house”.

Witness reports said that there was no fight between Morad and the police, just the police officer trying to subdue him.

As friends were removed from the scene by emergency personnel, they continued to scream that Feras was unarmed and in need of help as the unnamed police officer fired three shots, all on target.

"He wasn't supposed to be shot, even if he did something, if he was under the influence, he should not have been shot, he does not harm anyone," said Morad's father, Amr Morad.

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A nationally-ranked debater at high school, Morad's family had high hopes of him becoming an attorney general who would represent victims of police brutality.

It was further reported that Morad had a 3.9 GPA at Moorpark College, and friends on the Facebook page said he was also a good army cadet.


"I knew Feras and enjoyed spending time with him and arguing politics with him. The world lost a good and decent man who was very kind and smart," wrote Eric Smith in a tribute to the promising student online on the page.

"At a time when he desperately needed a police officer to protect and serve him, a cop decided it was better to shoot him and kill him. He deserved better and it is the job of all who knew him to tell the world what happened," he added.


Another close friend, Lisa Michelle Bran, wrote, "Wow I went to school with him and had a pleasure of knowing him and having class with. Prayers go out to his family."

It was confirmed by Ohad Yeger that "he was a good cadet and I always saw him as a rival, we had countless arguments trying to better one another and in the process I had motivation to be a better person, he challenged me intellectually and dared me to do better and I'll never forget that."

This article originally appeared on Mail Online


Vegetable Man | 9 years ago | Reply "Upon their arrival, the young Muslim boy was tasered and subsequently shot dead by the officers." If South Park is anything to go by, then anyone can shoot anybody or anything in American if they just say these magic words first.. "He's heading straight for us!!!"....
Afzal | 9 years ago | Reply If resorting to a fire arm was unavoidable could they not have aimed at his legs and then take him for emergency medical treatment. I would call these policemen a bunch of poorly trained animals who should be caged and retrained to do some other work such as cleaning roads or something.
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