PM arrives in China with aim to end load-shedding

Nawz expected to sign numerous power generation agreements worth $33 billion

Abdul Manan November 07, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif departed on Friday for his official visit to China.

"I am going to China to save my people from one more load-shedding-ridden summer,”said the premier before his departure.

The premier, on his two-day stay in China, will sign 27 MoUs and agreements. Of the 27 agreements to be signed, 21 relate to generating 16,520mw power at an estimated cost of around $33 billion.

A list of the agreements can be viewed here: List A and List B.

Further, Nawaz said the Pakistan-China economic corridor has far reaching consequences for the economy of the country.

“These projects will be a source of employment for over a million youth of Pakistan. Pak-China cooperation will also create business opportunities for local and international investors,” the premier said.

"Despite the damage done in the past two months due to political turmoil, we will make up for the loss come what may," the prime minister said.

“Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will also hold bilateral meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang during his stay in China,” said Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasneem Aslam.


tanoo | 6 years ago | Reply

pakistani nation have no other way to Constrait other then on pm, this is pakistan, we need to build up pakistan like canada,, why they do,nt do free zone pakistani ports, like uae, open your hands, show your honesty , there is big oil rig companies in world, skilled workers have no jobs,, why we go uae or ksa, if our country have jobs, so pls be fair!!! creating jobs for poors , good politics, i have 15 work exp in steelwork but no jobs around me !!!

Humza | 6 years ago | Reply

@Usman: Nothing will change in the country because PTI lost an election? Grow up please.It's sad that your obsession with counting votes blinds you to the greater national good. You really need to review what independent international observers from the European Union and North America said about Pakistan's 2013 elections. They report that despite minor rigging that goes on in all 3 rd world countries, the elections were largely fair and free. No one disputes that irregularities didn't go on but as a card carrying member of the PTI I actually celebrated the showing of Imran Khan and believed that the outcome was great. PTI would hold the government to account, learn the ropes, perform well in KPK and win in the next elections come 2018. Why do you think so many former PTI members have now been turned off by Imran Khan's stubborness? Imran Khan's statements and behavior exposed his immaturity. I loved him as a cricketer and philanthropist but hate him as a politician. He has made a fool of himself. Do I really care about a few seats here and there when the nation's well being and future is at stake? The only mafia I see is PTI where you either agree with Imran Khan and his politics of power at all costs or get lost. I had great respect for Hashmi but when you surround yourself by figures such as Shaikh Rasheed and the Chaudries of Gujrat, you need to ask which mafia has Imran Khan aligned himself with. Pakistan is meant to be a social welfare state with strong institutions and a strong parliamentary democracy. We finally saw the first peaceful transition of power for which PPP and Zardari will forever be remembered. Yes I respect PPP too! The nation has the chance to be one of the few functioning Muaslim democracies if we learn to work within the system and improve things - after a few cycles, the election process and democracy will be strengthened. Not by quick fix schemes like Arab Spring style dharnas which only waste money, scare away investment and destabilize the nation. You want to blame 60 years of misrule by politicians and dictators on Nawaz Sharif and PML N - Go ahead but know that the majority of Pakistan's citizens are smart enough to know that there is no substitute for time and work. The majority wish to see the elected government complete its term and wait for elections to determine the future course of elections. And yes hopefully there will biometric systems in place for the next elections. Have pity on the nation. But I don't lose sight of the forest because of the trees so I'll let you obsess about a few constituencies here and there while you let other citizens continue to work for society and its well being because we know that Rome wasn't built in a day and we know that Arab Spring revolts will only give you Iraq, Syria, Libya or Egypt- No thanks!

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