Promotions for 23 Brigadiers

Published: November 15, 2010
General Kayani presided over the meeting. PHOTO: EPA

General Kayani presided over the meeting. PHOTO: EPA

ISLAMABAD: Twenty three Brigadiers of the Pakistan Army were promoted to the rank of Major General on Monday.

The promotions were made during a meeting of the Army Promotion Board presided by Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani.

According to sources, those who have been given the promotion are:

  1. Iftikhar Wyne
  2. Naveed Mukhtar
  3. Sadiq Ali
  4. Ijaz Shahid
  5. Maqsood Abbasi
  6. Farhan Javed Bokhari
  7. Amir Azim Bajwa
  8. M. Iqbal Assi
  9. TariqGhafoor
  10. Abid Nazir
  11. Hadiat Arif Warriach
  12. Zafar Iqbal
  13. Anwar Ali Haider
  14. Sajjad Rasool
  15. Shahid Baig Mirza
  16. Asim Bajwa
  17. M. Tauqir Ahmed
  18. Waqar Ahmed
  19. Akhtar Waheed
  20. Salman Ali
  21. Muhammad Ahmed

Earlier in July, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had also announced the extension of General Kayani’s tenure for three years, he was set to retire on November 29 this year.

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Reader Comments (29)

  • Iqbal Khan
    Nov 15, 2010 - 6:35PM

    We have more officers and generals than the soldiers than “Pak Army” the so-called ” Army of God” and “Defender of Pakistan”. Recommend

  • Sick n Tired
    Nov 15, 2010 - 7:32PM

    How much is this going to cost government in plots and agri lands!>??Recommend

  • Khurram Awan
    Nov 15, 2010 - 8:00PM

    it says … Ignorance is a bliss .. and u two seem to the happiest ones on earth :D :D Recommend

  • Abid Rauf Orakzai
    Nov 15, 2010 - 9:42PM

    long live pak army, its officers its jawans. the whole world is their enemy because it is the only strong and disciplined army of islamic world. they deserve our utmost love and respect and we truely love and respect them.
    tunde bade mukhalif se ne gabra e uqab
    ye tu chalti hey tuje uncha urha ne kilyeRecommend

  • Naeem Qureshi Lahore
    Nov 15, 2010 - 11:11PM

    While General Ashfaq Kyani was given extension it was said that no changes are made while the war is on. If the war is on; is it not a change/disturbance in the officers standing on war?Recommend

  • Nov 15, 2010 - 11:36PM

    @iqbal khan

    Sir if you dont have the proper stats dont quote them…I dont know who told you about the term “Army of God” but thats for sure that army is defender of Pakistan…Yes there is corruption and many problems in army elite but still they are giving their lives on different fronts. You and me can only talk on forums and blogs. Recommend

  • Onlooker
    Nov 16, 2010 - 12:25AM

    Totally agreed with second person…the society plots, agri lands, staff cars and much more…and any of these 23 generals, goes for martial law in pk is just a consolation prize!Recommend

  • Anonymous
    Nov 16, 2010 - 1:39AM

    First a billion dollar increase to army budget while the whole country is drowning. And now more plots and perks for an army with more generals per capita than any other in the world. Bravo. Recommend

  • Iqbal Khan
    Nov 16, 2010 - 2:16AM

    @Rana Fahad

    I have all the respect for you but I have seen the kind of role played by Pak Army and ISI to create the Frankenstein of Taliban and Religious Extremism. So you can talk about their sacrifices but they have done so much damage to our country that our future generations will have to pay for many decades.Recommend

  • faraz
    Nov 16, 2010 - 2:21AM

    Or should we say 23 colonels have been allotted plots meant for brigadiers Recommend

  • Humanity
    Nov 16, 2010 - 2:51AM

    Are there any plot left for hand-outs to new kids in the game ?? If not, they can carve out shavings from the multi-billion dollar contracts .. No problem, bring them on!Recommend

  • Haris Chaudhry
    Nov 16, 2010 - 4:09AM

    For those that care about some “real” statistics and not singing the songs of our “mujahid” armed forces…

    Pak forces (inc army, airforce and navy) has less than doubled in the last 25 years (manpower) however the number of brigadiers and generals have increased 5 times… so the question to ask is this:

    Why have we created 5 times more generals today than there were 25 years ago even though the total number of army men has only increased marginally.

    With all the technology and advanced communication, should that number not be receding..?

    You then look at army’s increased political role within Pakistan (especially for making and breaking governments etc) in the last quarter century and thats when the penny drops… General equals bigger plots in Clifton, defence and Cantonments, bigger paycheck for retirement, bigger perks, potential of being posted as head of a “civvy” corporation and effectively a lottery ticket.

    Which wars have we fought and won to deserve a 5 time increase in generals eating away our already measely resources ?

    When political government cops a hiding for having a cabinet with 80 + ministers, why isnt the army asked the justification for appointing 23 generals..?

    Where are the accountability and reporting mechanisms within the pak afwaj ? Like someone said earlier, the nation is drowning in floods and the army (without even justifying to the people and the government) increases its budget by a billion dollars… Who cares about the bloody civilians, elected representatives, the accountability, parliament, judiciary, rule of law and clarity..? When you belong to Pak Afwaaj and especially happen to be Genral Saab, then the world is at your feet..!!

    Pak Afwaaj kee azmat aur oos key generals ko salam
    Bhoogay nangay awam kee himmat aur phootey kismat ko salamRecommend

  • Halaku Khan
    Nov 16, 2010 - 7:08AM

    you guys these people will replace generals who have retired.. right about the plots though but the ones who got promoted would get one extra plot compared to the brig’s who did not get promoted.. no wonder the country is under waterRecommend

  • Aftab
    Nov 16, 2010 - 7:53AM

    Dear All !
    Its Army which is defending Geographical & Ideological boundaries of Pakistan . Knowing little about regional affairs may be ignored but hitting our own people is criminal. Most of us don’t know how heinous & hostile are the designs of our adversaries in the surroundings.We have to consult more literature and do ponder what so ever is happening as why it is happening so fast and furious? Recommend

  • azhar
    Nov 16, 2010 - 9:11AM

    for how long this poor nation will pay to this huge army of generals.plz have a pity on poor pakistan.Recommend

  • Muslim
    Nov 16, 2010 - 11:59AM

    Dear Aftab
    Our army ruled this country more than any army in the world. Everytime, things goes bad, country was handed over to politician knowing the fact that they would fail and people again will look up to army for rescue. Thanks to agencies who do the miracle to destablize the country under armed forces. 40% budget is eaten up by these soldiers out of which heavy amounts were corrupted. Our army needs a country to rule knowing the facts that all wars fought were lost by them. The budget, if spent on the good of nation, the country would have become livable with dignity. Drone attacks are still on, killing our own people in the name of Taliban has never stopped, war expenditure on account of tax payers money is never stopped, luxuries enjoyed by top military leaders have no bounderies, no war fought or won in last 30 years. The interest of foreign agencies combined with ours are always there to stablize our country. In the end, for the good of this nation, we need a comprehensive policy to handle our country position keeping these dogs of war out of this discussion once for all. Recommend

  • Aadil Waqar
    Nov 16, 2010 - 4:36PM

    Dear Muslim
    With due respect your opening statement is incorrect and totally wage. Pakistan Army imposed martial law for less time span than other Armies in the world, Canada had martial law during the whole world war 1 and 2. In Egypt following the assassination Anwar el-Sadat in 1981 its in martial law, it ended in 2006. Iran, Ireland, Turkey Philippines, Israel, Poland and even Usa has been in martial law for a longer time than us. So it would be appreciated if you could get your facts right before putting light on something that you are totally unaware about.
    Excuse me, all the wars were lost by Pakistan Army? Even a 5 year old Pakistani school boy is aware of the fact that Pakistani soldiers made the indian army retreat in 1965 and ripped them apart in the battle field, where as they vowed celebrating with wine in gymkhana at night. You don’t even sound like a Pakistani. More over Pakistani soldiers won the Kargil war in the battle field after “YOUR” so called elected prime minister lost it in the white house. You cant blame the Army for this.
    Brother the soldiers contribute in the safe keeping and guarding of the dignity of a state more than the other people, Pakistani soldiers have their lives at stake, their land, their property and most of all their families when they go out in the battle field and stand tall defending the people and the state for the cause of Islam! You don’t do any such thing mister, nor do you have the guts neither are you capable. So learn to be a man and cry for something that you are worthy of. A soldier who takes orders for thirty years in the army before becoming a General is definitely more worthy, capable and deserving than any one of you who criticize them to be paid more.
    The drone attacks come from the policy of the government “YOU” elected, Army takes orders from the government, if the people sitting in the government are not manly enough to order the army to bombard the NATO territory as they bombard ours, what are you blaming the army for?
    Pak Army Zindabad. Pakistan Paindabad! Recommend

  • Akbar
    Nov 16, 2010 - 8:17PM

    What. Stupid comments by few ignorant people . 23 Generals are retiring from 1st Jan 2011, who is going to replace them …u?Recommend

  • Haris Chaudhry
    Nov 17, 2010 - 6:33AM

    @ Adil waqar:

    Are you in la la land..? Which Kargil war did Pakistan win..? We lost thousands of our soldiers amidst the poorly thought out plan and left them at the mercy of hundreds of sorties by Indian Airforce planes that ruthlessly took them out…. Our supply lines were broken. We couldnt send a bird to those stuck their in the height of the kargil mountains let alone ammunition and supplies.

    That was a huge blow for our Pak Afwaaj and to the nation as a whole. Then Gen Musharraf begged and pleaded to the civvy PM Nawaz Sharif for him to beg and plead to US President to stop Indian bombing the soldiers (pawns) of Pak army.

    Try looking at the world from an objective and neutral perspective and not through rose coloured Pak Army borrowed goggles. Be thorough and select your info from neutral and reliable sources.

    Indians at large consider that as a huge victory after the initial set back when our soldiers were not spotted or identified until they reached the strategic heights of Kargil and occupied them and proceeded to consolidate their bases.

    Ignorant people, ethnocentric behaviour, gungo-ho patriotism, unquestioned loyalty is a self serving tool. Be brave and understand and learn from the position of an objective person. Majority of our illiterate (both literal meaning and in intellectually illiterate) masses just buy into whatever is fed to them without introspection, validity and veracity of such reports.

    Only a brave person can break those biased shackles and strive to learn the un-compromised truth.


  • Irfan
    Nov 17, 2010 - 1:23PM

    Dear Iqbal Bro
    its some thing different as you see from outside as the ratio of death of officers and soldiers is the highest in pakistan army due to war on terrorism which speaks the bravity and command behaviour of officers and there is no doubt in the world that we are the best
    moreover if own people starts saying this to us then what we can say to indians
    regards Recommend

  • Hasseeb Qutabzada
    Nov 17, 2010 - 1:26PM

    Pakistan Army comprises 2 Full Generals, 30 Lt. Generals, 150 Major Generals. Promotion does not mean that there is going to be an increase in the strength of Generals. These newly promoted Major Generals will replace the ones who are going to be retired. The General Officer Commanding (GOC) is vacant at many places. If these 23 brigadiers are not to be promoted then who is going to take these posts, you guys? Every literate person is aware of the fact, that when there is a strong commander there is a strong batallion, strong unit, strong division. And someone wrote that only Generals are increasing, not soldiers. Dude you have a very poor knowledge about the army. A post for Major General is created in an cantonment only when there are atleast 15000 soldiers to be commanded. And for Lt. General the number is above 40000. So here I prove your claim wrong, you’re simply writing trash. As far as services, plots and staff cars are concerned, I think a man who has served this nation for thirty years in deserts of Sindh, Plains of Punjab, Glaciers of Kashmir, Heights of NWFP & Rugged lands of Baluchistan, bearing everything; cold weather, scorching heat etc deserves much more than just a staff car with one security vehicle and 4 plots. A Major General is someone who has literally served the country for thirty years and that too on very low wages. He isn’t like a Minister who commits crimes all his life, fool the poor people, contests on the base of fake degree, riggs the election and is awarded a ministry to run and that too filled with filthy corrupt staff unlike Hardworking Soldiers of Pakistan Army. You need to compare a minister to a general, there is hell of a difference. A General is actually a soldier, passed out as a 2nd Lt and works day and night to reach the rank of a General. Pakistan Army has always stood up for the nation. Any Pakistani against the Pakistan Army is really not the son of this land. Pakistan Zindabad, Pak Fauj Paindabaad.
    Hasseeb QutabzadaRecommend

  • Tony Singh
    Nov 17, 2010 - 2:31PM

    Adil Waqar
    Why drag India into these promotions? For Kargil war details read Rand Corporation report for better understanding of the conflict and its present day implications for Pakistan.Recommend

  • Aadil Waqar
    Nov 17, 2010 - 6:45PM

    Dear Haris
    I was trying to make a point there, point being that our soldiers deserve a better name than “Dogs of war”, that the guy Muslim gave them.
    See the fact of the matter is that our soldiers were successful in not letting the Indians occupy the strategic peak Point 5353, Bunker Ridge, Saddle Ridge and Dalu Nag, having occupied most of their territories back, occupying these points were the main objective of the Indians and this is the reason why their Air force was being so ruthless. Point 5353 is the highest peak in the region which has a clear view of the National Highway 1 D that connects the Kashmir valley with Kargil, and it remains occupied by Pakistan to this date. I am wearing no rose colored goggles. I only intend to defend my country where ever possible, unlike you. Are you going to believe in what ever the Indians say? Indians also claim victory over Pakistan in the 1965 war after getting “humiliated” on the wagah border. I would suggest you to take of your Indian borrowed goggles.
    @Tony Singh. Sure I will. thankyou! Recommend

  • malieha khan
    Nov 18, 2010 - 3:06AM

    BRAVO …haseeb qutabzada …i salute you for all what you’ve written here … my dad is one of these 23 brigadiers and you guys who have no knowledge of army must know that we have BY THE GRACE OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH reached this point after a hard struggle …. you guys have no idea about it ..what we have been through all our lives … scared and afraid of what will happen next to our fathers or us when they go to northern areas to protect you guys ,to let you guys live your lives happily and peacefully … raaton ko neend naii ati thi k pata naii dad kesay hon gay ZINDA BHI HON GAY YA NAII … i remember we lived in interior sindh back in early nineties without electricity and food for three days … my father been a brigadier lived in tents for a year with scarce amount of food ,there’s so much that i can’t even mention here . you guys can just sit and comment rubbish stuff here on these blogs nothing else … DUDE itni hardship dekhnay kay baad 30 saal ki service kay baad agar hamain aik gari mil gai aik nokar mil gaya ya 3 plots mil gayay to kia gunnah hai ? don’t we deserve this ? ..I’M PROUD TO BE A PART OF PAKISTAN ARMY AND PROUD OF MY DAD … PAK FAUD ZINDABAD PAKISTAN PAINDABAD .Recommend

  • abdullah amir
    Nov 18, 2010 - 10:09AM

    Go aadil!!!!
    Pak army zindabad!!!Recommend

  • Naeem qureshi, Lahore
    Nov 18, 2010 - 12:11PM

    Reference to Malieha’s comments:
    Was your father not committed to all these hardships while he joined the Army? Was he not told all these while he was accepting the Appointment letter? Recommend

  • Hamza Shafqaat
    Nov 18, 2010 - 11:18PM

    @ naeem
    Her father probably was. But the fact that he chose to do it regardless of the hardships, rather than sit on his couch and ‘blog’ shows that he holds more courage in his finger than you do in your entire body.Recommend

  • naeem qureshi lahore
    Nov 19, 2010 - 7:10PM

    Yes, but they are paid from the pockets who do not have “Courage”.The courage is for the countrymen only otherwise we saw it in Paltan Maidan, Decca, now Dhaka.Recommend

  • Anonymous
    Nov 26, 2010 - 3:00PM

    Hi all dear Pakistani people
    I m quiet shocked to see the comments posted by different ppl on this forum,,ppl are so much against Army!!!! i think this is the reason of our downfall,,,for God sake guys,,they are the custodions of your country,,,i read a comment by sumbuddy that they have fought a very less no of wars,,i will ask from that man who is fighting in FATA and Sawat for the last 8 years??? POINT TO PONDER!!!! nd God forbids if some war breaks out who will fight the enemy???Recommend

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