2013: The Best of Everything Beautiful from around the globe

Angelina Jolie is our definition of what makes a woman beautiful — inside and out.

KARACHI: Clutch: Stella McCartney Plexiglass



No guesses as to why this $2000 clutch screams futuristic and elegant at the same time. Carrying this beauty would be like accessorising yourself with a giant diamond. Made entirely of mirrors, it would perfectly reflect whichever outfit the fashionistas carrying this clutch is sporting; those who own it will never have to worry about coordinating their accessory to their dress ever again.


Watch (for her): Chanel Horlogerie



A gold chain bracelet with an octagonal face, 56 brilliant-cut diamonds, a black lacquered dial and bracelet chain in yellow gold, this watch is definitely a girl’s best friend. Its high precision quartz movement keep you on task while looking chic anywhere, anytime.


Coffee-table book: Humans of New York



An instant number one New York bestseller, this is a trophy for any coffee table. Photographer Brandon Stanton compiled a book showcasing hundreds of people across New York City in their most candid and vulnerable moments. This book is both a tribute to and a celebration of individuality across the vast state and the original Facebook page has inspired multiple ‘Humans of…’ pages across the world, including Humans of Karachi.


Photograph: National Geographic’s The Colosseum, Rome, 2013



Rarely does a picture enthral, but this shot of a rare snowfall on the Colosseum, built 2000 years ago, is breathtaking. The 50,000-seat amphitheatre serves as a major tourist attraction, and this photograph which was one of National Geographic’s Picks for the Best travel Photos of 2013, is the perfect evidence why.

PHOTO: Gabriele Forzano/Reuters


Game: Bioshock Infinite



After its release in March, critics declared the game a definitive work of art, a rare example of ingenuity, innovation and complexity in mainstream gaming, according to Arts Beat. Metacritic reviews call it a game of “artistry”; a “lavish and cerebral” experience that “dignifies the medium” and “advances the art form”; the game that “video games were made for”; a “masterpiece” in every respect. With a new setting and characters, and seamlessly integrated themes, Bioshock Infinite is amazing from beginning to end. The entertaining combat creates an incredible experience that has a gamer captivated from beginning to end, and leaves no wonder as to why this was one of the most popular games of 2013.


Man: Henry Cavill




Move over Ryan Gosling, because Henry Cavill stole our hearts in the previous year with his chiselled good looks.  The actor owned 2013 with Man of Steel, making it to the top spot on Glamour’s list of 100 Sexiest Men Alive, a place well deserved.  Along with that, we were rooting to see him top People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive list this year. Adam Levine may have won the battle, but we’re certain that Cavill will win the war. Eventually.


Car: Peugeot Onyx



This gorgeous machine packs a diesel V8 engine, which means it has eye-watering horsepower.  The Peugeot Onyx made us fall in love with it at first sight, but (alas!) it’s a concept car that would cost one an amount with a LOT of zeros to actually own. Peugeot has no plans to actually build this marvel of vehicular design in the future. A pity, really!


Couture gown:  Rami Kadi Spring Collection 2013, Au Bal des Orchidées Noire



With a boutique in Beirut, Lebanese designer Rami Kadi’s reputation has grown overwhelmingly quickly for a couturier of his age and we don’t doubt why. With stunning creations, and a reputation of never having made a bad dress, his ascent to the elite circle of couture designers is justified. This bouquet of a gown is right out of a baroque fairytale  — grand, lavish and inspiring. The colours are eye catching, the cut impeccable and the folds gorgeous.


Perfume bottle: Valentino Valentina Acqua Floreale



This art piece of a bottle exudes a sensual femininity which perfectly complements the delicate fragrance it holds. It is pink, black and chic. Perfume bottle connoisseur Marc Rosen says packaging is the perfume’s silent salesmen, and we completely agree. Consider us sold!


Woman: Angelina Jolie



Before you sigh and go ‘not again’, take a look at what the actor has done in 2013 alone. Not for her graceful recovery after a necessary reconstructive surgery, but for the millions of lives she’s saved by spreading awareness about the BRCA1 breast cancer gene, Jolie is our definition of what makes a woman beautiful  — inside and out.


Fashion film: Calvin Klein’s Provocations



Calvin Klein enforces its image as a modern and sophisticated brand through their fashion film Provocations, starring True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård and Suvi Koponen. The ten minute film follows a series of thematic and suspenseful, yet visually stunning, scenes setting the tone for CK’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.


Magazine cover: Time’s Benedict Cumberbatch Issue



With a sharp monochrome portrait of the breakout star of 2013, Benedict Cumberbatch, this Time magazine cover had the Cumbercollective raving over everything that the October issue had to offer.  The magazine delivered with an in-depth profile on the British actor, which evoked radical responses from fans. Cumbercupcakes, anyone?


Movie soundtrack: The Great Gatsby



The Great Gatsby soundtrack is an impressive and groundbreaking collection, boasting Jay Z’s slick production alongside other top artists like Beyonce and Lana Del Ray. The strong soundtrack compliments the movie perfectly, and this is one CD we can let play from start to finish, and then still want to hit repeat.


Watch (for him): Roger Dubuis Excalibur



A masterpiece that is an expression of power personified,  Roger Dubuis has us floored with this brilliantly sculptured timepiece with a magnificent dial. Ten points to the man who wears it.


Plane: Airbus A380



First class on this palace in the skies offers free Wi-Fi, a bar, a shower and bagful of goodies with Bulgari favours. The interior itself is gorgeously lit, making us want to fly around aimlessly just to relax in this beauty.


Print campaign: GAP



Celebrating inclusion and diversity, this ad sparked frenzy worldwide. Putting the debate on whether it’s liberating or exploitative aside, we do conclude that it’s clever marketing with a different concept, eye-catching shots, and a very good looking Waris Ahluwalia taking centre stage.



Published in The Express Tribune, December 30th, 2013.

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There are several things that are more awesome to be mentioned in this list, but I am totally okay with all this. I seriously loved each and every mention.

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