Intelligence officer, family killed in Rawalpindi

Brigadier (retd) Sikander Malik's wife and two daughters are among the deceased.

Web Desk October 01, 2013
Brigadier (retd) Sikander Malik killed along with wife and two daughters. PHOTO: FILE

GULISTAN COLONY: Brigadier (retd) Sikander Malik was killed along with his wife and two daughters in Gulistan Colony, Rawalpindi, Express News reported Tuesday.

The brigadier's son survived the attack as he was not at home when it occurred.

The two daughters were reportedly asleep when they were killed.

An investigation is underway and the forensic lab has been called to take fingerprints from the scene.

The four bodies have been sent to CMH Rawalpindi.


Ghazi | 8 years ago | Reply

Assalam !!! I doubt the authenticity of the investigation as Intelligence agencies and Police always threw the curtain on such things. Anyways my doubt is based on following 1. Now a days a captain can not be so goofy and illiterate about the investigation techniques which involves forensic tests, lab tests and so many other aspects that he can plant a murder like that. 2. Police officials statement is that he has confessed and its due to his wish for marriage with some woman, which is yet another highly doubtful statement as people are so independent these days that they don't need parents permission. That too once someone is an earning hand and more so, as in air force or army life, because parents have least control over their son's life. So, this may be a cover story to just cover up the issue momentarily to investigate deeper and to avoid media person highlighting the weakness of army and security persons in Rawalpindi as many comments above have shown as such. Moreover, Recent dramatization of Sikander stunt at Islamabad by our media has already trolled the agencies mind a lot and to avoid further media exploiting the news. However, lets wait for his case trial sheet which will soon be submitted in the court.

hassan | 8 years ago | Reply

His son confessed that he has committed the crime....Salute to writers n forums who blamed taliban, security system and sunni tehreeks and bla bla..;)

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