Prime minister recommends Chaudhry Sarwar for Punjab governor post

Sarwar comes armed with 13 years of legislative experience as Labour Party MP in UK.

Web Desk July 30, 2013
Sarwar served as Labour Member of Parliament for Glasgow from 1997 to 2000 and retired from British politics in 2010. PHOTO: FILE.

ISLAMABAD: Prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday sent a summary to the President, advising him to appoint Chaudhry Sarwar as the new Governor of Punjab, Express News reported.

The decision comes after a very long period of speculation over the choice of the governor.

Sarwar is a British citizen who reportedly arrived from the United Kingdom and met Nawaz Sharif on the offers of two alternative posts, High Commissioner to UK or Governor of Punjab.

Having served as Labour Party Member of Parliament in Glasgow for 13 years, Sarwar comes with the experience of legislation besides having been a successful businessman.

Party members had expected the candidate to be from the rank-and-file of PML (N), and possibly someone from Southern Punjab in an attempt to enforce regional parity in a party used to choosing candidates from Lahore for the post of Chief Minister Punjab.

Correction: An earlier version of this story wrongly attributed a quote to senator Mohsin Khan Leghari . The error is regretted. 


Aschraful Makhlooq | 9 years ago | Reply

Would any one explain here esp PML-N's supporter,lover and voter that what Ch. Sarwar has done remarkable for Pakistan as an MP British government????

Umar | 9 years ago | Reply

I am surprised as when people are so judgemental about other people why do they hide behind fake ID's or conceal their identification! If we have the confidence to judge someone like no one knows him/her better then us then it is only fair that you let yourself known as well! Its easy to make comments on anyone from behind a computer screen!

Anyway If we look at India, they accepted their expats with open arms and look where India is today! Everyone acknnowledges that India's expat community has a big hand in the development today and India stands amongst the top economies today! Expats are also Pakistani's who left Pakistan for various reasons but have never cut themselves off from Pakistan! In any calamity it is always the expats who raise millions to help their Pakistani brothers and sisters! But as soon as one expat wants to come home to Pakistan and physically do something for Pakistan, everyone in Pakistan is suspicious about his/her loyalty!

In the case of Mr Sarwar, yes he's lived a long period of his life in UK and lived a very successfull life both personally and as a politician but he has never forgotton his roots! For the last 10+ years he has been on the ground in Pakistan managing 2 hospitals one in Kamalia and other in Chichawatni which provide free treatment to 'Pakistanis' He has launched a school system recently where students are being educated for free!

In the recent years the whole Pakistani culture is become very 'suspicious' of anyone and anything that we do not know the slightest about and rely upon some section of the media that just runs as a mouth piece for certain 'fronts'

The UK and western world has acknowldged Mr. Sarwar as a Pakistani British Politician but we in Pakistan have difficulty in accepting him! Yes he's been fortunate, lucky and lived a very prestigious life but it did not come easy! Endless, tireless hours of hard work and commitment earned him the heights he has achieved! Why do we shout and scream at Amir Khan (boxer) as a Pakistani whereas he was not even born in Pakistan! Maybe its easy as most of us know we cant be in his 'boxing' shoes so we dont mind accepting him but quite a few would not mind being the Governor of Punjab as it is seen as an easy comfortable position without any 'physical' beating incase things dont turn out right!

So we need to grow as a mature nation to accept our own and be happy at someones development and rise to high ranks and rather not sound like sore losers and complain and be suspicious about everyone and everything that we do not know about!

In the last I am not a fan of the current status quo set up but if anything good does come out of any step somehow they take, in Pakistan's interest I would say bravo!

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