A jug of acid: Man burnt on 60% of body after attack by in-laws

Domestic broil sees 24-year-old Liaqat punished for not taking his wife back.

Owais Jafri July 28, 2013
File photo of the impact of just a small quantity of acid on the hands, arms. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

MUZAFFARGARH: A 24 year-old man was burnt with acid in Muzaffargarh by his in-laws for not coming back for his wife after she ran away to her home following an argument.

The victim was shifted to a burn unit in Nishtar Hospital, Multan, where his condition is reported to be extremely critical.

Doctors told The Express Tribune that 60% of the body was burnt.

According to the details, 24-year-old Liaqat was sleeping at his residence in the rural vicinity Bait Mir Hazar of sub-district Jatoi in Muzaffargarh when he was attacked by his mother in-law Fatima bibi and four companions.

They grabbed the victim, beat him, and then threw a jug of acid, claiming revenge over the issue of "honour".

Liaqat's cries awoke his younger broth Jaffar, who first ran after the criminals but then left them to help other residents carry his brother to DHQ Hospital, Muzaffargarh.

Seeing his critical condition, the doctors at DHQ Muzaffargarh referred the victim to Nishtar Hospital, Multan.

Jaffar stated that Liaqat's wife Sumaira had a fight about a week ago with Liaqat's parents and had gone to her parents' house after the fight. Sumaira and her parents insisted that the wife would only return if all of Liaqat's family came to her residence and ask for forgiveness from her.

Liaqat and his family refused to do so. His father Hazoor Baksh, told The Express Tribune that his daughter in-law used to quarrel over small issues and that Liaqat's family was not at fault here. Baksh claimed Sumaira treated her in-laws like "servants".

The police station at Bait Mir Hazar lodged an FIR against five nominated criminals including the mother in-law Fatima bibi, wife Sumaira and her three cousins Abdul Ghafaar, Muhammad Sajid and Haq Nawaz.

The victim's brother Jaffar further informed The Express Tribune that his family had received death threats prior to the incident for having "defamed" Sumaira's family.

So far, the police have not made any arrests, but sources said that they had traced Fatima and Sumaira and will arrest them soon.


Tamur | 10 years ago | Reply

Where are the Mullahs when stuff like this happens? Is this Islamic? Why isn't there a fatwa coming out about this?...Why do Mullahs hide under burqas about these issues?

shorkot | 10 years ago | Reply

When will these acid attacks finish?? First females now males

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