NATO container set ablaze in Balochistan: Police

Two armed militants opened fire forcing the truck to halt.

Web Desk July 23, 2013
The truck was torched as it traveled through Balochistan. PHOTO: AFP

ISLAMABAD: Police officials confirmed on Tuesday that militants torched an empty container truck as it traveled through Balochistan after delivering equipment to US and Nato troops in Afghanistan, CNN reported.

Two militants opened fire on the truck which halted the vehicle and forced the driver to escape.

"The militants then came close and set the container on fire using petrol," police officer Qazi Pervaiz told CNN.

No one claimed responsibility of the incident.

Last month, militants attacked Nato supply trucks with guns and mortars as it passed through northwest Pakistan, killing at least six people.

Up to 20 armed militants targeted at least three Afghanistan-bound vehicles loaded with military equipment.

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