Another prisoner dies in Karachi police custody

The court had permitted the physical remand of the suspect to the police for investigation.

Web Desk July 19, 2013
The court permitted the physical remand of Bilal to the police for investigation. ILLUSTRATION: JAMAL KHURSHID

KARACHI: A suspected criminal named Bilal alias Mullah died in the custody of the police, Express News reported on Friday.

The suspect was under investigation and according to jail officials, he was found dead in his prison cell after succumbing to injuries from interrogation. The police put forward a different version, as SHO police Aijaz Raput said that the prisoner suffered a heart attack and was being taken to the hospital but expired on the way.

According to the SHO, Bilal was arrested on July 17 in Karachi after allegedly firing at the rangers. He received injuries on his chest and head but instead of receiving treatment, he was locked up in jail and a case was registered against him.

The court permitted the physical remand of Bilal to the police for investigation.

The suspect claimed that he was working for himself and was not a part of any gang, but the police were trying to find out whether that was true.

Another suspect, Muhammad Farhan died under mysterious circumstances in the custody of the Crime Investigation Department (CID) on July 14. He was arrested only a day ago as a suspected target killer.

Even though the police declared on the form that the cause of death was “police encounter”, there were no bullet wounds on the body. The body did, however, display marks of severe torture with profuse post-mortem bleeding from the nose.


shafiq | 10 years ago | Reply

I don't see any hope for this country. Being a Pakistani, I have given up any hope. Pakistan used to be a forward-looking country some 30 yrs ago with huge prospects. But look at now, nobody is safe in this country, not even a son of PM. These leaders and govt officials have been systematically looting the country, it's resources in every possible way. Since people are divided along the racial lines and literacy is low, its people are constantly manipulated. I guess I don't see any credible outcome of this country except further disintegration of this country as our keepers are shameless and haven't learnt any lessons from the past.

Voice | 10 years ago | Reply

I wish police could do this act to all arrested terrorists and militants, so CJ/ judiciary won't exonerate them...

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