Awan urges PML-N to initiate case against Musharraf

Awan said the PPP will support the PML-N if they initiate a case against Musharraf.

Express September 21, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Federal Law minister Babar Awan said that the PPP will support the PML-N if they initiate a case against former president Pervez Musharraf.

He was speaking during a debate in the National Assembly after the PML-N tabled a bill seeking changes in the High Treason Amendment Act 1973.

Musharraf recently returned to the political limelight when he claimed that he could return to the presidency, creating uproar in political circles in the country. The former president's comments were greeted with scorn by political rivals, with the prime minister and PPP parliamentarians claiming that he will have to face the courts upon his return. Recently, the PPP General Secretary Jehangir Badar said Pervez Musharraf will be tried for Benazir Bhutto's murder charges whenever he returns to Pakistan.

The retired general recently announced that he would be forming a new political party and would stand for parliament in the next general elections in 2013. Musharraf had earlier said that he is aware of the risks involved in returning to Pakistan and that he is not scared of the possible legal cases against him.


Nazir Habib | 12 years ago | Reply If Babur Awan has any courage he should come out openly and face Musharraf. The only thing that Babur Awan has done is to flout and circumvent and disobey the Supreme Court rulings and judgements. This will not go down well with the people who cannot be fooled any longer. If Musharraf comes back to the country he will not be an easy walk-over. With salams and best wishes.
Ahmer Ali | 12 years ago | Reply Assalma-o-Allaikum Warahmatullah.Apparently Babar Awan's this statement shows that Pervez Musharraf is accused of many cases but did he even see that President Zardari is also accused of many NAB references and Supreme Court cases.Why Zardari is not facing NAB and Supreme Court.If you want to appear Musharraf in the courts then first appear President Zardari in Supreme Court and NAB for the allegations and references on him and why President Zardari is being given protection of Article 248 which is extremely against the Quran's and Sunnah's laws of justice and equality and it is written in clear words in Quran and Sunnah that first apply any rule on yourself and then on the others.Fulfill the Islamic concepts of justice first yourself and then accuse the others of any crime and guilt.
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