Sam Worthington on "Titans" and skirts

Reuters April 10, 2010

LOS ANGELES: Sam Worthington is among the hottest leading men in Hollywood.

He starred in the top-grossing movie of all time, the $2.7 billion "Avatar," and his latest film, "Clash of the Titans" rocked box offices with a $108 million global debut last weekend.

In "Titans," which is a remake of the 1981 cult classic movie of the same name, he plays Perseus, son of the Zeus, who sets out to undermine a plot that would overthrow his father and encounters monsters like the dreaded Kraken.

Worthington, 33, spoke to Reuters about "Clash," becoming a major star and wearing skirts.

Q: Did you see "Clash of the Titans" as a kid?

A: "No, it didn't make it over to Australia. I only acquainted myself with it before we started filming. There are a lot of purists and fans out there -- the original touched them. We looked at what we could do to make it relevant for this generation with things like visual effects. You have to find your own spin on it."

Q: And it was a long shoot in locations around the world.

A: "(Director) Louis Leterrier doesn't believe in action set pieces. With him it was action, action, action, all the time. It was one of the toughest shoots I've ever had to do. The whole thing was a very rough, exciting five months."

Q: This is your third action film in a row, followed by "Avatar" and last summer's "Terminator: Salvation." Your Sam Worthington action doll collection must be growing!

A: "Yeah, but none of them look like me, so I don't know what's going on there! Here's the truth: I'm just a cheap uncle -- I only do these movies so my nephews have toys (laughs). If my 9 year-old nephew is going to be grabbing a rubber sword and trying to be Perseus, that's what it's there for."

Q: Worried about being pigeonholed as an action guy?

A: "Hopefully I bring more than just action. Hopefully there's a bit of pathos and dramatic elements and sensitivity. Yes I run around with a rubber sword and it's meant to be fun, but the film has a message and it has a lot of heart, which I believe any action movie should have. "Terminator" has heart. "Avatar" has heart."

Q: Perseus spends most of the film in a kilt. How did you like wearing a skirt?

A: "I empathize with women because on a windy day, you're showing a bit more of your hams than you want to! (In shooting the film) I felt like a 33-year-old playing Dungeons & Dragons. It brings out the child in me, so hopefully we can bring out the child in the audience."

Q: And your skin tone -- real tan, or bronzer?

A: "It wasn't a bronzer, it was more like gravy sauce! (laughs). I'm a pasty Australian. Every morning I had to stand there in a paper g-string and get painted with gravy sauce."

Q: Big stars shouldn't have to endure that! How has your life changed since being in the biggest hit of all time.

A: "It's a lot easier to get through customs because of the success of "Avatar" ... My mate jokes that he believes the only reason I like doing blockbusters is they help me get into countries easier."

Q: What's your relationship like with James Cameron?

A: "I owe him everything. I love him. He's really good mate and an inspiring boss. I'll do anything for him. It's a relationship that goes far beyond just the work. It's a relationship that I will always have with him. Plus he thinks I'm a pain in the ass, which I love! (laughs).


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