Two blasts near imambargah leave Karachi reeling

Twin blasts in Orangi Town kill four, injure 11.

Faraz Khan/web Desk November 21, 2012

KARACHI: At least five people were killed and eleven sustained injuries in twin blasts that occurred in Orangi Town, Karachi, Express News reported on Wednesday. 

The second blast took place right next to the gate of an imambargah, while the first one occurred 50 feet away from the place.

Some media and emergency rescue personnel were injured in the second blast along with security personnel.

Police and Rangers pushed back the large crowd and media persons after the second blast erupted. They completely cordoned off the area and said the place will not be declared cleared until the Bomb Disposal Squad completely sweeps all the shops.

The BDS said ball bearings were not used in the second blast and it was not as powerful as the first blast.

Security officials expressed fear that more explosives could be planted in the area.

Express News correspondent Nadeem Khan reported that BDS officials were busy collecting evidence from the first blast site and were not scanning the area for other bombs.

SSP SIU Raja Umar Khattab said the police were investigating the first blast when the second bomb went off. He said it cannot be confirmed if the first blast was a suicide attack or not. He, however, said explosives for the second blast were planted in a cement block.

DIG West Javed Odho said the first blast was carried out by a suicide bomber and killed a rickshaw driver and injured seven others.

Odho said the police force is working across the city and the assigned deployments will remain in their locations.

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon, while speaking to Express News, said the government wants to prevent terrorists from reaching their targets and so far the criminals have failed to achieve their goals.

He said three to four big attacks were planned but the security forces foiled the plans because of timely intelligence.

Memon added that army will be on high alert for Karachi, Hyderabad and Khairpur on Muharran 9 and 10.

First blast 

DIG West Odho said there was no congregation held at the imambargah when the first blast took place.

He told The Express Tribune that the first blast occurred in a rickshaw.

However, Express News correspondent Khan reported that the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber riding a motorcycle.

The reporter added that the motorcyclist crashed into a rickshaw and detonated the explosives.

Bomb Disposal Squad reached the spot to determine the nature of the first blast.

Rescue officials shifted dead and injured to local hospitals, while police cordoned off the area after the first blast.

According to initial details, the injured have ball bearings ripped into their bodies, while several body parts have been brought to the hospital as well. One of the injured is in critical condition and has been taken to operation theatre.

On November 18, two people were killed and more than a dozen sustained injuries in an explosion near an imambargah in Abbas Town, Karachi.

The explosives were planted on a motorcycle.


bigsaf | 8 years ago | Reply

@Unity: You're advocating faux unity. You may want to sweep an inconvenient truth for bland, self-censoring and sanitized rhetoric to create a false equivalence, when sectarian cleansing is quite lop-sided, but Iftikhar, who identifies himself as a moderate majority sect member, and Syed have correctly identified the problem in Pakistan and don't view terrorism simply as just a 'nuisance'. There is clearly a huge violent religious ideological mindset problem in Pak compared to elsewhere.


Lets not be coy. Not everyone follows the Wahhabi or Deoband creed or agrees that their puritanical and austere beliefs as the only true path or 'true tawheed'. The reason these groups are singled out is due to their inherent intolerance and propagation of demonization of other madhabs, such as Sunni Barelvis and Shia Muslims, to the point of justifying violence because they disagree with the others' practices.

bigsaf | 8 years ago | Reply

@ZZQ: 95%+ of overall religious terrorism in Pak is attributed to Wahhabi/Salafi/Deoband/Sunni Islamist extremists. 5% are Sunni Barelvis, Shia extremists, who mostly target kill than commit bomb massacres, and other religious Pakistani extremists. It may not be PC, and uncomfortable but self-censoring on reality just to coddle privilege sentiments of a majority, is not addressing the problem.

Canada, which has no embassy in Iran due to Shia Islamists, doesn't mince words and lists Sunni Islamist Extremism in its national security report as the top external and internal threat, out of many others. No expert calls that assessment biased. No one is referring to Sunnism or Sunni moderates. It is not mere labelling, but identifying a problem.

Blocking and inconvenience, is a separate issue. Many of the locations are historically in the city center. It could be improved or resolved but will still be a lazy solution like banning cycles and phones. Even if moved elsewhere, the bloodshed won't stop because the biggest crisis facing Pak is extremism, militancy and terrorism of all hues and that needs to be tackled, not religious minority rights. But a strawman argument and deflection is brought up as a greater issue against a minorities' presence than a terrorist bomb blast which seems to be ignored. This is the issue, because it either reflects accepting extremism or prejudice.

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